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All Star Celebrity Bowling

Bowling With Podcasters

It’s podcasting comedians against podcasting comedians in an epic All Star Celebrity Bowling on the Nerdist Channel today, as Team Nerdist takes on Team Podcast and splits the Sklars. Marc Maron (WTF), Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny), Greg Behrendt (Walking the Room), and Jason Sklar (Sklarbro Country) battle Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), Todd Glass (The Todd Glass Show), Cole Stratton (Pop My Culture), and Randy Sklar (Sklarbro Country) from The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt. A coin flip pits brother against brother, Todd sports a tattoo sleeve and gets special treatment from the video editor, the guys tell their stories about bombing on TV talk shows… this one’s possibly the funniest yet, but from the lineups, that’s not a surprise.

Team Podcast is playing for Smile Train, helping provide cleft palate surgery to children in need around the world.

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  1. Chris S. says:

    I thought Greg was from Little Big Dollhouse Explanations?

  2. J.Smith says:

    I have so enjoyed the series so far. My only complaint is lenght, some of them seem a little short. This was just about perfect. Cannot wait for next week.

  3. Geoff says:

    Best episode ever. Peerless. Hilari-friggin-ous. This should be a series onto itself. Hey, wait a minnit….

    Hold on, I gotta go steal Chris’ idea! BRB!

  4. ian says:

    Greg should have grip ’em up-ed a couple of pins for bonus points.

    Walking the Room, my favorite podcast, yet the one I recommend to other the least.

  5. Chad H says:

    Haha been waiting for this one, all my favorites. I love this series.