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All Star Celebrity Bowling

BOWLING & METH: “Breaking Bad” On Season Finale of “All Star Bowling”!!!

The Nerdist Channel’s All Star Celebrity Bowling has cooked up a batch of awesome this time, with Team Nerdist (Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, and Chloe Dykstra) being challenged by Walter, Jesse, Marie, and Walter Jr., Team Breaking Bad — Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Betsy Brandt, and RJ Mitte — in Albuquerque. You’ve been waiting for this one, and it won’t disappoint. (Got a problem with it? Better call Saul!)

Team Breaking Bad is playing for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I ate one of those meth cooks…. i mean cookies.

  2. Lucy says:


    Please and thank you!

  3. Duck&Ponds says:

    Is there any chance for an All Star Bowling with Community? Please?

  4. JetpackBlues says:

    “I can f*cking golf, Mira”

    Wait, wait, wait; Is that a SPORT? And you’re doing it OUTSIDE?!?

    *sobs* You-you said you were a NERD! But you’re really one of THEM (points to Jocks)!

    *runs off wailing, crying crocodile tears*

    Seriously, ASCB was a great 10-week webshow. I don’t know that the episodes should be longer, but I’m up for seeing more next season.

    Now I need to duck out and see the other vids on the channel.

  5. John G. says:

    This whole season of All-Star Celebrity Bowling has been amazing, and it went out with a bang – this was hilarious, start to finish. Matt’s kiss, Jonah’s everything, the turkey, the trash talk, Cranston being amazing, and Marc Maron at the end. I can’t wait for Season 2.

  6. “I can f*cking golf, Mira” needs to be a t-shirt.

  7. Tim says:

    She spoiled the end of the series for him.

    Great episode guys!

  8. Justin says:

    I’m sorry, I have no idea what Jonah said Betsy Brandt whispered to him. Can someone translate?

  9. Alx says:

    Did Matt get some after the shoot?

  10. Shana Dumblond says:

    I love All Star Celebrity Bowling!!! Every episode makes me laugh until I cry. Thank you Nerdist Industries!

  11. Curtis says:

    Oh Marc Maron, you so surly.

  12. Brian says:

    Amazing episode. Jonah is the greatest, most awkward person ever, hahaha