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Book Looks, Long Songs, and a Rousing Game Of Name That Tune: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

“I heard a song on the radio.”

“Um… okay.” She’s going to ask me to figure out what it was, I thought.

Bingo: “I don’t know what it was. Can we find out?”

“Maybe. What station was it?”

“I heard it in the car on the way home.”

“That’s not a station. What station was it?”

“103.7, I think. Or KROQ. No, it was 103.7.”

All right, then, some information I can use.  “What time did you hear it?”

“Whenever I got home.” Better — an approximate time. Between and the station’s own website, this looked like it would take maybe two minutes to solve. And I love to come to my wife’s rescue in things like this, because this kind of thing pretty much covers my heroic abilities. I’m not much use for important things, but figuring out a song title, well, I can do that.

But more information is always helpful in case of unforeseen difficulties. Maybe I’d be able to identify the song without having to look it up. “Do you remember anything about it? What it sounded like?”

“Female vocals. And a guitar. A ballad. Kinda adult alternative-y.”

“I’ll look it up.”

That led to about a half hour of fruitless searching. The station playlist didn’t show anything with female vocals in that hour but Adele, and that wasn’t it. I checked KROQ, and 98.7, too, just to make sure. Nothing. I searched each station’s entire playlist for the last month, and the charts for several formats. I played about twenty songs in Spotify to see if there’d be a match. Nope.

I still don’t know what song it was.

And before you hit me with “why didn’t she just use Shazam” or “How about SoundHound,” she didn’t have her phone available. We’re in a hands-free state, and she doesn’t use her phone while driving, period. Besides, she figured I’d be able to find it. So far, I’ve failed. And I’d ask you for help, except a) I have no more information for you to use in the search, b) I don’t have any further clues, not even a snippet of lyrics, and c) can she, or I, hum a few bars? No. Not a note.

I will, however, solve this puzzle. We may have to spend the next week doing nothing but listening to that station — “Is THIS it?” “No” — but I’m going to figure this out. And if the female-vocal adult-alternative-y guitar ballad turns out to be dubstep with looped male vocals, you will hear my screams throughout North America. You’ll know it’s me because YOU’LL use Shazam or SoundHound.

While I rip my hair out searching for a song I’m fairly certain does not exist, feel free to reflect on the week that was here at

1. After last week’s site facelift, Chris announced the upcoming Nerdist Channel on YouTube. Pictures that move! We are excited.

2. Kyle caught a couple of adorkable (sorry) Doctor Who cast and crew videos from the Russell T. Davies years. They sing! They dance! Aww!

3. Nicole found a site with some Russian book covers featuring some oddly familiar faces. Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion… Jean-Paul Belmondo? Did we just hop a ride on the TARDIS to 1961?

4. We celebrated Halloween with a video compilation of horror movie fake-out scenes. Don’t open that door… don’t… AAAAAUGH!!!! Wait… it was just the postman. And he’s left a package and… don’t open that package! Don’t….

5. Becca had the formal announcement of The Flaming Lips’ 24-hour song, packaged in 13 skulls and priced at $5,000. That song must have at least one epic drum solo, right?

6. BOOK!!! IT’S OUT!!! BUY IT!!! NOW!!!

7. Danny showed us some samples of the over 100 original J.R.R. Tolkien illustrations being published in celebration of the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit.

8. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V reminded me that they still make Grand Theft Auto games. I’d forgotten, to be honest with you. Also, I couldn’t find my fake neighborhood in the fake Los Angeles in the trailer. (San Andreas can’t be Los Angeles — too clean)

9. Chris joined Bruce Greene over at Machinima, where they froze an iPhone 4. Not a 4S, though. What would Siri say about that?

10. Arnie did one final round of DC reboot reviews. And now we have a better handle on which ones are worth buying and which aren’t essential.

11. Jake took a look at Channel 101, where comedy is being reinvented, month by month, screening by screening, vote by vote. It’s something cool to do in L.A. and New York, and it’s a place where you — yes, you — might get your comedy videos noticed.

12. Matt G. got a chance to talk to Trevor Powers, the artist behind Youth Lagoon. The result was a profile that provided insight into what drives Powers’ music — anxiety and Idaho play a big part.

13. Chris did Jimmy Fallon’s show and met Air Supply. Come on, if you got a chance to meet them, you’d be excited, too, no matter what you think of “All Out Of Love,” or “Lost in Love,” or “So In Love That My Vocals Have Gotten High Enough That Only Dogs Can Hear Me Now.” That was theirs, right?

14. Kyle picked his six top mockumentaries. Shouldn’t he have picked all the way to 11?

15. Chris’s name got misspelled in a Facebook ad for his audiobook. If it’s appropriate, I don’t want to know.

16. This week’s Music Geek Track of the Week was by Gauntlet Hair. Hypnotically discordant. Does that make sense?

And as I mentioned last week, with the new design, I’ll direct you to the podcast links at the top of the page for all your Nerdist podcast needs, including our newest family member, Tom Wilson’s Big Pop Fun.

Quite a week, huh? Look for Chris all over TV — besides Fallon, he was on ABC News, and you can see that here — and at bookstores all over the place supporting The Nerdist Way, which you really ought to buy now. Did I say that already? Because I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH. Oh, and EYB, gang. E the hell out of it.

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  1. James Mcgill says:

    Ask her to listen to Jessie J’s Domino.
    It might be this. What she describes is what i would have described this song before I knew what it was called.

  2. Ha! That’s more than I have to work with… TRIVIA: That episode was written by Bill Prady of “Big Bang Theory” fame, and Bean of KROQ’s Kevin and Bean played a DJ. And it was the first of a few episodes that established a spinoff series starring Matt LeBlanc? THERE’S the TV sitcom nerd in me coming out…

  3. Gary Bravender says:

    Ya well Good luck with that ! sounds like you got your work cut out for you. Asteroid Galaxy Tour maybe? just a thought.

  4. Cory says:

    The wife story is exactly the type of thing my wife does and i fucking hate it. if that was me i would have lost it probly, i mean NO INFORMATION, how do you not know what time you got home or what station you have on!!!! argh… i always remember a saying though “a lesser man would have left by now” so yes i would make it a mission to find that song too. love… ah love.