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Blink and You’ll Miss the Easter Eggs in the New Trailer for THE FLASH

Blink and You’ll Miss the Easter Eggs in the New Trailer for THE FLASH

The CW has released a new 30-second spot for The Flash – and appropriate for the show, a lot happens really quickly in the rapid-fire teaser.

Largely using voiceover and a red and gold blur zipping throughout what’s presumably the Flash’s (Grant Gustin) stomping grounds, Central City, the new trailer offers some enigmatic teases about what we might come to expect throughout the first season of the CW series.

Most of it largely recounts the Flash’s origin, from the report warning the city to evacuate to learning that Barry has been out of commission and in a coma for months following the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. But The Hollywood Reporter is right to point out the most intriguing part of the teaser: the line about Barry’s body being the map to all-new worlds.

That’s right: Barry’s body is a wonderland (of multiverses). Or at least it could be.

In the comics, the Flash (and various other speedsters) often serve as bridges between the 52 worlds that comprise the DC Multiverse. Could the series already be teasing connections between some of the other dimensions that Barry will (one day) be able to access using the Speed Force? I don’t believe this will logically lead to a collision between the film and TV DC Universes, but that doesn’t mean The Flash and Arrow can’t at some point experience their own “Crisis”-style event.

Hey Fox, now’s your chance to set up a cross-network crossover and get The Flash to visit Gotham.

The Flash makes its debut on the CW Tuesday, October 7.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Image: The CW

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  1. Tony C says:

     Gotham is set wayyyyy before Barry Allen becomes the Flash. so that’s off the table. 

  2. There’s a stretch…a CRISIS.  I wonder if anyone there has seen the pilot episode…especially the last 5 minutes?

  3. RadBaron99 says:

    The Radar Cop commercial is much better. Take a close look at the crossword puzzle.

  4. Josh says:

    The quote is “inside your body could be the map to a whole new world.” Seems more the standard trope of someone saying that “this discovery will change the world.” Red Skull said something similar in the 1st Captain America movie. A trailer quote taken out of context is by no means a path to the multiverse.

    • Pete Arballo says:

      Ah yes, but whether they go into this or not the Flash is actually one of the most powerful characters in the DC verse. He is actually, through his meta human powers, a quantum being and his super speed is only a mere “side effect” and is shadowed by his true potential which of yet he has to realize.

    • @T_Magus666 says:

      100% agree with Josh. Only by a loooonnnggg stretch of the imagination can we even get to “Multiverse” from that quote. This is Hollywood (and TV) lets not forget. TV and the original books usually have very little to do with each other.

  5. This article would make sense if the line was “inside your body could be a map to all new worlds”, but it is NOT!

    The line is “inside your body could be the map to a whole new world”….not plural and not “all”. Singular and just 1 world.

  6. radarcolin says:

    Well this is clickbate. The premise of this article is quite a stretch