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"Blade Runner" as Performed by Kindle 2 & iPod Shuffle

This is a genius idea and I’m kind of mad I didn’t think of it first: An Amazon Kindle 2 and iPod Shuffle reinact Leon’s Voight-Kampff scene from Blade Runner using their respective robot voxes.

Mega nerd points go to @DTurley on the Twitter for flinging this in my direction.

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  1. That is realy funny.

  2. hahaha so nice, I realy enjoyed it.

  3. LAPowerball says:

    awesome work, well done.

  4. Chelsea says:

    *nerdspasm* That was awesome.

  5. Deltus says:

    A good scene for this duo would be the “You can’t handle the truth!” scene from A Few Good Men.

  6. IndianaLotto says:

    Very nice, indeed…

  7. InsaneDeuces says:

    hahahaha great work… it looks like the scene

  8. Sam Swanson says:

    That’s the nerdiest nerdy thing to have ever been nerded.

  9. Kindle doing William Shakespeare would be classically funny. I think maybe even some Thoreau or Poe readings would be funny. Not a bad video considering and I was glad it was short. Those annoying voices really grate on you after the first minute. I was ready for it to end by the time it did.

    Thanks for that.


  10. Stafford says:

    Can’t begin to explain how much I love “Bladerunner’
    Anything references to the film send me into geeky paradise!

  11. Troha Barton says:

    I would like to see ipod & kindle do eather “The Deer Hunter” or “Romeo & Juliet”.

  12. I agree with you, it really help alot.

  13. Okay, that’s pretty cool! I may have to pass this around even though I’m not a fan of anything with a figgin “i” in front of it…but I do have a book available on Kindle so I may relent to Wallmarts evil twin.