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Bizarre States #24: SKD & Urban Legends
Episode 24: Bizarre States
SKD & Urban Legends
Bizarre StatesBizarre States

Bizarre States #24: SKD & Urban Legends

Chobot and Bowser chat about the first successful penis transplant (because why wouldn’t we) and Bloody Mary, and read listener mail!

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Weird Al Joined Weezer on Stage to Play Toto's

Weird Al Joined Weezer on Stage to Play Toto's "Africa"

Who Is the Better Avatar: Aang or Korra?

Who Is the Better Avatar: Aang or Korra?

An Official Statement from Nerdist

An Official Statement from Nerdist



  1. Zach says:

    They called him a Prick, now they’ll pay.

  2. Mattey-Cakes says:

    I believe I remember we had something similar to Bloody Mary. I’m from Baltimore originally, I believe she was called Black Aggie. Ill have to look it up. Bowser you are from Maryland, If you read this comment and check it out, please. Keep up the fun and entertaining work!

    • hashish says:

      Black Aggie is the name given to a creepy ass tombstone in the Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, MD.  I’m a Baltimorean as well.  I’ve always heard the urban legends, however varied they may be.  I don’t recall Black Aggie being related to the Bloody Mary legend, but I’m sure it varies from community to community, just like the Goat Man does.

  3. Duh says:

    Serial Killer Dick: He’s cumming for you.

  4. brian says:

    Serial Killer Dick: Prison made this dick hard

  5. brian says:

    Serial Killer Dick: Coming Soon

  6. buff bro says:

    he didn’t have a mean bone in his body, but now he’s got a mean bone on his body

  7. Matchstick says:

    “This is guy is swinging some angry meat….and you’re fucked”

    “A killer dies and his hate-dick lives on”

    “He thought life was hard… Now he’s learning DEATH is the hardest of all!”

    “When he stared into Hell, one baleful eye looked back”

    His Mom always said playing with that will make you go blind…  He never knew it could kill”

    SCENE:  A dark and stormy night.  A ramshackle barn sits alone in the wind-swept field of an abandoned farm.

    We first hear, then see a shadowy figure lurching towards the barn.  It is wheezing and moaning.  In one hand, a giant dildo, covered in blood and matted hair.  In the other hand, the figure drags a barely conscious young woman, obviously beaten to an inch of her life.

    The barn doors are thrust open to the flash and roar of the storms thunderous lightning.  The flash silhouettes the mysterious figure.  The camera briefly switches to a wall of young and battered women, bound to the wall and screaming in terror.

    The dark figure staggers into the barn, almost as if he is pulled forward by something.  Something in his crotch.  As he roughly throws his latest victim towards the others, he turns to grab some rope off a hook and we see his profile.  He is ragged and at the edge of exhaustion, but his wang is straining at his overalls, thrusting him forward with a savage intensity.

    He laughs wetly as he moves towards his latest acquisition.

    Behind him, in another flash of the storm, he see the Sheriff standing there, holding a shotgun.  He has obviously raced here at great cost…

    Okay…I’m dry… someone finish the trailer

  8. ALAN says:

    (READ IN MOVIE GUY VOICE) IN A WORLD…full of ASSholes…this Dick is baaaack and he’s “pissed” ooooff.

  9. @RJ_RedneckJedi says:

    I kinda like this show!

  10. Jason McClellan says:

    Watch Bad Biology for a murderous dick flick. The plot: “Jennifer has seven known clitorises, began menstruating at age five, and gives birth to a mutant baby two hours after each act of sexual intercourse. No man has been able to satisfy her, and she discards all of her offspring, denying their very existence. Batz has a steroid-addicted penis with a mind of its own that is growing out of control. When Jennifer hears rumors about Batz, she becomes obsessed with seeking him out, convinced that he is the only man who can satisfy her. When they finally meet, they bond over their difficulties and lack of sexual fulfillment. However, they must somehow tame Batz’ increasingly erratic penis before it can go on a murder spree.”

  11. agirlyman says:

    Jessica Chobot breakin hearts and Rippin dicks since 1996!  lmao