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For nearly fifty years, the Justice League has brought together DC’s mightiest superheroes and pit them against their deadliest foes. But with the first ever Justice League live-action feature film right around the corner, Batman and Wonder Woman‘s team may have just been defeated by their deadliest enemies yet: Sheldon and Leonard! Today’s Nerdist News is all about the way that The Big Bang Theory may have just spoiled the Justice League‘s Green Lantern surprise.

Join host and former Star Sapphire, Jessica Chobot, as she shines a green light on the Justice League‘s latest hiccup. Now, the film’s promo team has done a pretty good job of keeping Superman under wraps, despite showing us a digitally shaved Henry Cavill in the last trailer. But aside from a shout-out by Steppenwolf in the trailer, the Green Lanterns have been completely absent from the marketing material—until now.

…At least that was true until the mega-popular geek show unleashed its syndicated Justice League tie-in. The Big Bang Theory‘s “geekstakes” invites fans to spin a wheel to determine which member of the League they are. That would have been fine, if the Green Lantern logo wasn’t so prominently featured alongside the rest of the team’s imagery.

Sorry, Sheldon, we’re pretty sure that’s a violation of the roommate agreement! But before we ship Leonard and Sheldon off to the science cells on Oa, it should be pointed out that the original tagline for this film was “unite the seven.” Even with Superman added to the mix, that’s only six heroes. So, a secret Green Lantern seems pretty likely to have been planned from the start, and he probably won’t be played by Ryan Reynolds. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that.

But which Green Lantern will answer the call? John Stewart? Hal Jordan? Guy Gardner? Kilowog? Probably none of the above. Our money is on Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of sector 2814 before he passed on the ring to Hal Jordan. It would be a departure for Abin Sur to be a member of the League, but that would leave things open for Abin to potentially sacrifice himself for the planet, leaving his ring to find Hal in the Green Lantern Corps movie. But this doesn’t mean that The Big Bang Theory is off the hook for leaking one of the last secrets from this film. It’s the downside of corporate synergy!

Who do you think will be Justice League‘s secret Green Lantern? Recite the Lantern oath and share your thoughts below!

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Images: Warner Bros./DC Comics

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