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Behold the Amazing LEGO Tower of Orthanc from LORD OF THE RINGS

LEGO fans, “you have elected the way of pain!”

Remember the performance of the late, great Christopher Lee as Saruman when you gaze upon the epic custom LEGO build of the Tower of Orthanc from The Lord of the Rings. Saruman’s tower has been recreated as an eight foot, nine inch tall LEGO structure that took a year to build, according to the builder, Brenden McMahon.

Brendon McMahon with his Tower of Orthanc
The Tower of Orthanc is actually available as a 2359-piece LEGO set that runs for $199.99. McMahon’s custom Orthanc not only dwarfs the official set, it features nine floors including a library, a torture chamber, and even Saruman’s throne room with the Palantír! McMahon also wired the floors for lighting, with a battery pack for each floor.

Tower of Orthanc 2

“What I wanted to do was double the [Tower of Orthanc] set piece,” said McMahon. “but it ended up getting a lot bigger… I wanted to build something big. I wanted to build something that grabbed a lot of attention… And I’ve always been a big fan of Lord of the Rings.”

McMahon even went the extra mile and created the foliage around the Tower and adding a LEGO Gandalf riding into Isengard. The level of detail in this custom build is astonishing. The judges at Brickworld Chicago seemed to agree, as McMahon was awarded the “Best Mega Creation Award.” For a closer look at this custom, McMahon has posted several photos on his Flickr account.

Back view of the custom Tower of Orthanc

LEGO fans, which Lord of the Rings structures do you want to see recreated in a custom build? The city of Gondor? Helm’s Deep? Share your thoughts in front of the Palantir in our comment section below!

HT: Beyond The Brick & Kotaku

Photo Credit: Brenden McMahon

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