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Beer Pong for Sophisticates


Have you ever wanted to play beer pong but felt cheapened by the whole fold-up table experience? Well, where there is demand, there is supply.

Complete with LED lights and cast iron legs, this Custom Beer Pong Table can be yours for the cool price of $749. Part of me thinks this is ridiculous, but the other part thinks if you’re gonna have something, why not get the best? Beer pong may not have a place in my life anymore, but if this had been sitting in a Fraternity house, I might have found those guys a little more attractive.

Just kidding. I still wouldn’t have dated a frat guy.

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  1. chris jovan says:

    Beer Pong & Sophisticates….should never hang out in the same sentence.


  2. Brian says:

    Seems to me that the angled surface would bounce the ball BACK at the team that just threw, which is counter to where you want the ball to end up on a miss (to the opposing team).

  3. PapaFrita says:

    Ooooh, I like that rule. I’ll have to include it the next time my friends play ‘Swanky’ pong, which includes the following:
    You must speak in a posh accent for the duration of the game
    No bouncing (gentleman’s rules!)
    Scoring while looking at your partner and delivering a witty quip about the lower class= +1 cup.

  4. Louis O'Raga says:


    You must lift your pinky before throwing your ball.

    Or drinking.

    Or pooping.



    Hundreds of years from now, due to evolution, it’ll just fall off and we’ll be four-fingered freaks.

  5. jayjay1213 says:

    Ugh…shipping is $149…

  6. jayjay1213 says:

    It’s only $149…