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Because You’re Not Stoked Enough, Here’s Another “Doctor Who Insider” Video

Anybody here interested in another Doctor Who Insider video about the new season from BBC America with more interview clips featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Steven Moffat? No? Okay, I’ll just move along and….

Just kidding, of course.

Yes, another trailer and preview. This series can’t start soon enough. April 23rd.


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  1. Not Chris’ fault. Blame me.

  2. William says:

    Hardwick, some of us might be considered “over-stoked” in this current time-space continuum. You’ve indeed come a long wai since cozying up to Fish-Boy.

  3. Stacy says:

    Those are all clips and interviews from last season 🙁

  4. AL says:

    I miss BUFFY & ANGEL

  5. AL says:

    TORCHWOOD was great, MERLIN is too; SHERLOCK also. How about HEX? BEING HUMAN? FOREVER KNIGHT is OK, so is LIFE ON MARS. Didn’t care for PRIMEVAL. Does anyone remember PULASKI? My favorite, though, is FRINGE–I like this show so much that I forgive Anna Torv for being Rupert Murdoch’s neice…

  6. Lisa says:

    this is like Doctor Who 101 but I’ll take it any day!

  7. Lokey says:

    I thought The Doctor was 940 years old.

  8. Kristina says:

    I love this, it just makes me love Doctor Who so much more.