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Be At The Next Taping Of The Nerdist TV Specials

Gonna be in the Los Angeles area this Sunday, December 4th? Want to be in the studio audience for the taping of the next Nerdist TV specials for BBC America? You do? Well, there’ll be two tapings, 10:15a-12:30 pm and 3:30-5 pm, and here’s what you need to do RIGHT AWAY: Email your name and which show you want to attend to [email protected]. If you’re chosen, you’ll get an email back with confirmation details.


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  1. Brian says:

    I got the confirmation email that said I was in for the 3:45 taping. In it, I was asked to reply back to confirm on my end. I did and then got an auto-reply saying no more tickets were being handed out. Is my first email now void? or am I still on the list. Its a bit confusing.

  2. Adri says:

    For those of us nerds who work weekends, this makes me terribly depressed… especially because of the short notice. 11/30 for a 12/4 taping… no way I’d be able to cover my shift for work… no way. SAD DAY!

  3. deb says:

    The pilot taping was the greatest-ever taping experience I have had (of many)…and that includes all the awesome tapings of WEB SOUP I went to! We of The Node are definitely wanting to come and represent/support! I e-mailed the day this terrific post went up–thanks for picking a Sunday, so those of us that are at the local studios often would be free (not to mention many nerds with REAL jobs, ha-ha)! My nerdy fingers are crossed (difficult when holding a protractor, and trying to push up my glasses all the time)!

  4. alienatedfan says:

    You evil son of a bitch, why are us east coast fans left out of the mix? Total sadcakes! Bring the Nerdist to the East!! And by East I mean Florida. And by Florida I mean Miami specifically. 😀

  5. catherine says:

    I would like to go but my parents don’t like the show. what is the age limit?

  6. greg gates says:

    reckon i’d like to go to the 3:30 show.


  7. Sally says:

    Are audience members still encouraged to come in costume?

  8. Chuck W. says:

    I have sent off my email, and if accepted I WILL BE THERE!!

  9. If you film an episode in New York I will come one way or another!

  10. I live in New Jersey and am 16. 🙁