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BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’s Newest DLC Unleashes the Tumbler and More

Another month means another DLC update for Rocksteady’s final Arkham game, Batman: Arkham Knight. This month will continue the trend of aesthetic updates to the game, but will also include a playable treat for fans of Dick Grayson, as well as a second Crime Fighter challenge pack.


GCPD Lockdown will be a playable story mission set after the events of the main Arkham Knight story, and players will control Nightwing, as he sets out to stop The Penguin from escaping the GCPD building. While the previous side-story missions that players have seen for Arkham Knight have been developed by the Arkham Origins team from Warner Bros. Montreal, GCPD Lockdown was actually developed by Rocksteady themselves. Hopefully this means the story will have a bit more depth to it when compared to the others. It will also be fun to experience Nightwing’s stealth action again, and compare it to his Arkham City version.

The aesthetic addition that we alluded to earlier will be none other than a Batmobile skin resemblant of the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. This version may not come with a stealth mode for alluding police, but it is large, loud, commanding, and powerful. Players will finally get a chance to speed around the streets of Gotham City in the same fashion Christian Bale did in the most recent films.


[Image: Reddit]

Why yes, Mr. Wayne. Yes, it does.

Tell us what you are looking forward to most for this DLC pack in the comments below!

All images were provided courtesy of the Batman: Arkham Knight PR Team


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