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BALLOT BANTER: Bill Clinton and Colin Powell Interviews, Miss America and More!

This week in political satire, the late night comedians had a lot to talk about. South Carolina representative Lindsey Graham posited on Fox News that additional military action is required from the US to fight ISIS in the Middle East before “we all get killed here at home,” consequently terrifying you, me, and Stephen Colbert, while former President Bill Clinton stopped by The Daily Show to discuss Ebola and the global economy. While ISIS and domestic violence dominated the nightly news, Real Time with Bill Maher returned to its LA studio after their season premiere in Washington, DC last week to discuss the way race is represented in the media, student debt and young voter turn out with a lively panel while featuring an interview between Maher and former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. Finally, Last Week Tonight “tackled” the topics of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the Miss America pageant and their excessive scholarship claims.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Pharmaceutical Drug Epidemic

In Michael Che’s final piece before heading to Saturday Night Live to co-anchor the Weekend Update desk, the new and now former Daily Show correspondent explores the differences between drug cartels and pharmaceutical companies.


Interview: President Bill Clinton Part 1 & 2

Former President Bill Clinton speaks with Daily Show host Jon Stewart about the Ebola crisis in West Africa as well as his thoughts on President Obama and the global economy.


President Bill Clinton – Part 1


President Bill Clinton – Part 2

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart is on this week and features some time with correspondent Michael Che, who is leaving The Daily Show for SNL. Che shares stories about his experience working on the late night show even for such a short amount of time.

Episode 03: Michael Che, Travon Free & Jo Miller

The Colbert Report

The Kinda-Sorta War and Its Mysterious Allies

Stephen explains why we’re kinda-sorta at war and why he kinda-sorta supports it. Plus why South Carolina representative Lindsey Graham is scared of ISIS and you should be too and the Colbert Report puts the CNN graphics department to shame.


No Boots On the Ground in Iraq

Stephen explains the “no boots on the ground in Iraq” stance with shoes. Oh my God, shoes.


Real Time with Bill Maher

Overtime – Episode #329

Colin Powell speaks with Bill about the importance of education, his thoughts on President Obama, the issues in the Middle East and much more. On the panel, actor Wendell Pierce shares a personal story relating to the death of Michael Brown and the situation in Ferguson, MO regarding police aggression, and Matthew Segal, the founder of, discusses the student debt crisis and young voter turn out in elections.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The Miss America Pageant…how is this still a thing?

Last Week Tonight explores some of the outdated elements of the Miss America pageant and evaluates the organization’s claim to be the largest provider of scholarships to women, which turns out to be true even with an approximate $44.5M embellishment.


Don’t forget that September 23rd is National Voter Registration Day, folks! Register here.

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