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Awesome Video, And How It Was Made

Ben Lovett is a musician and composer for movies (“Last Goodbye,” “The Signal”) and TV who has a new album, “The Highway Collection,” that features musicians from, among other acts, the Avett Brothers and The Mars Volta. But that’s not the reason he’s being featured here. This is:

The video for Lovett’ “Eye of the Storm” is the work of director Christopher Alender, who loaded up on the special effects while working on a shoestring, and Soapbox Films, the credits for whom include a lot of heavy hitters (material for Toy Story 3 and Tron: Legacy, a video for Broken Bells, and that epic Muppets version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”). Spinner has a piece today about the making of the video, but check it out for yourself — it’s got the steampunk thing going, weather effects (lots o’ lightning and ominous clouds), and an atmosphere that really fits the song.

American Cinematographer has an article explaining how Alender and his cinematographer Craig Kief put this thing together using bluescreen and collages. And green fluorescent tape to make those outlines on the captain’s lapels, but you’d have guessed that.  (Sure you would)  If you’re interested in the technical end, the article’s a good read. But here’s a behind-the-scenes video that explains the video and how it was made:

Follow the director at @chrisalender.

Follow Lovett at @thebenlovett.

And there’s free music for you from Lovett if you go here.

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  1. scrufy1 says:

    Wowzerz…. this was pretty jaw dropping… the video itself was amazingely vivid and accurate to the music. shes a keeper

  2. Thebes says:

    Holy Cow.

    There are no words to describe how amazingly beautiful, haunting, and at the same time, epic this music video was.

    The song and the video enhance and support each other to make this a video I will never forget.

  3. Lee says:

    Video is fucking mindblowing.

  4. Brie says:

    That was amazing, both song and video, when does the album come out?

  5. Ellie says:

    That.. was total steampunk awesome beauty!!!

    Thanks for showing it!

  6. Matthew says:

    Wow, it’s Sin City meets Jasper Morello….