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Awesome New Weird Al Video: CNR

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This video, gorgeously directed by JibJab, confirms EVERY SINGLE SUSPICION I had about Charles Nelson Reilly. Embedding has been disabled, so you’ll have to exert the effort to click on THIS SIMPLE LINK.

Well done, W. A. Yankovic!

Image: Weird Al Yankovic

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  1. Palingram says:

    Charles Nelson Reilly just got cooler.

  2. Stig says:

    When do we stop calling JibJab’s crap animation and start calling it video manipulation? Great job animating that giant head on a dude who’s walking around in front of a green screen, guys.

    I applaud Weird Al for breaking JibJab’s godawful cycle of repurposing public domain songs for political cartoons, but eesh, isn’t this song just a bunch of Chuck Norris jokes that have been repurposed for the Nelson Riles?

  3. Xeno says:

    DeAD MILKMEN did it first… and better. Charles Nelson Riley nailed to a cross.

  4. Um, just wondering … how many suspicions you had about Charles Nelson Reilly. Like, a lot? That’s kinda weird.

    Also, my favorite thing about the video is the psuedo-White Stripes thing. Genius.

  5. Deltus says:

    Typical Weird Al: fucking awesome. And boy howdy, those people at JibJab really know their shit, huh? That looked at least as cool as the song sounded.

  6. Francis says:

    That’s probably the best non-parody Weird Al song ever (from a purely musical perspective.)

  7. RadNerd says:

    Weird Al is an icon to all nerds, a legend. The King of Nerd! to bad the youtube user disabled the embedding.

  8. Okay that was sweet. I love Weird Al. Very cool looking video and I laughed out loud at least three times, which is impressive for a music video.

    Must be rough to be friends with a guy as cool as Weird Al.


  9. laswilliam says:

    GENE RAYBURN was like, the smartest guy ever. Sure, Peter Marshall kenw his shit but Rayburn always seemed to have the pulse of the people.

    Gene Rayburn, with that stupid mic, knew his (BLANK).

    Thanx, Chris, for your great work on Web Soup.