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Awesome Automatons, Part 4: Best. Robots. Ever.

The existential struggle of this robot is both fascinating and truly, truly sad.

A robot whose sole purpose is to unplug itself so it won’t be a burden to us anymore. I’ve put some sad robots up here, but this guy might take the cake.

But that’s okay, because here I have the single greatest invention ever. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the BEST ROBOT EVER:

Thank the lord! I was getting so damn tired of playing with my own Slinky. I mean, the fatigue. The unbelievable strain on my arms. My god, it’s as if the thing was made out of some kind of metal. Well, it is, but you know. A heavy metal. But I need not worry any longer! Nay, for an unnamed genius has given me a reason to go on! Now I will be able to enjoy my Slinky and its mesmerizing cascades of coiled metal, without any of the work. Yes, I could sit and enjoy a pastrami sandwich and a nice glass of lemonade, watch my Slinky perform, and lift nary a finger. The future, my friends, is here.

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  1. Andrew Watson says:

    More suicidal than Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide!

  2. I like the fly on the slinky one :-).

  3. PoopyPants says:

    That slinky machine needs a catchy name, how about “Forever Slink” I can see the Billy Mays commercial already, right between the anti depressant and erectile dysfunction ads. Because that’s who spends money on crap like this, depressed men with penis problems. Goes well on their desks, next to the “Old guy fishing with nuts hanging out of his shorts” statue. (DO NOT GOOGLE THAT)

  4. dragoncores says:

    Now watch it plug its self back in. *stands there* Ummmm I guess I have to. maybe one day I will make somethign better. here lets go back to the slinky one. O its not working. stupid slinky I wanted you to go down stairs. *walks off. a few min later ha comes back* You still suck damn *he turns on the video and thats the last we saw of him.

    (it is very intersting tho)

  5. Shane says:

    I had good laugh at “The Unplugger.” Thanks!