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Awesome Automatons, Part 3: Robots Can Rock You/Kill You

In one of the biggest “I could have told you that” news stories, German researchers have determined that robots in the home could kill you.

The study involved giving sharp objects (knives, scissors, screwdrivers) to robotic arms and having them stab objects that mimic human flesh. Based on the impact, it was determined that some of the strikes could be lethal. So basically, the Germans figured out that if a robot stabs you, you could die.

The idea behind the study was that as we automate more and more of our lives, we might have our own Rosie the Robots working in our kitchen…and “accidents” may happen.

But even those robots wouldn’t be as lethal as this guy:

This is the Samsung SGR-A1, an automated turret produced by South Korea to police the DMZ. Yes, Samsung. It turns out they don’t just make phones and TVs, they also make killing machines. Check out this awesomely-produced Korean video on the SGR-A1:

The best part about this turret is that it’s designed to have voice-activated passwords so that if a friendly target approaches, the turret won’t fire. Which, to me, is just asking for this to happen:

But not all robots are out there to kill you (not until Skynet goes up, anyway). Check out Spruce Deuce, the drummer robot with really creepy eyes [via Engadget]:

Okay, so he’s no Neil Peart, but it’s still pretty impressive. The best part? He’s made of plywood, so if he turns on you, all it takes is a lighter. In fact, let’s make a rule: from here on in, all robots will be made of flammable substances.

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Mack says:

    @daniel nice one.

    maybe the samsung t.v.’s are actually turrets and are some kind of crazy transformers. It may be to late before we find out.

  2. Daniel says:

    Spruce Deuce doesn’t really help Meg White’s case…

  3. Oy of Midworld says:


    I need a sentry rigggghhhht here! It’s funny that Samsung makes toys AND autonomous harbingers of indiscriminate death! Ahhhh, versatility!