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Aw, Nuts: Nerdist Podcast Live State College Show Postponed

If only science fiction was reality and you really could just instantly beam up to wherever you need to be transported. That way, the Nerdist Podcast Live’s appearance on April 21st in State College, PA would not have to be postponed.

Wait, what? Yeah, it’s true. Because of a travel situation — turns out that not every city has direct flights where you need to go when you need to go there — Chris can’t do the State College show as originally intended. That does not, however, mean that the Nerdist Podcast Live won’t be coming to State College. It does mean that the show won’t happen on April 21st. The guys will be coming sometime in the Fall instead, at a date yet to be determined. It is my understanding that tickets for the April 21st show will be honored for the new date, but you should contact the theater box office for that information. (UPDATE: They’ve sent an email to ticket buyers, and the information’s in Louis’ comment below. Call the box office with questions — they’ll know a LOT more than I do…)

I know Chris is bummed that this happened — it was a late change in plans that necessitated travel alterations that turned out to be impossible — but I also know that he’ll do whatever he can to make Happy Valley a little happier as soon as he can. Sorry ’bout that…

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  1. Beth says:

    Just now listening to the Conan O’Brien episode and during the pre-interview chat, Chris mentioned this show as an upcoming one. I nearly fell out of my chair! I thought, “WHAT?!? How did I miss it?!?” Turns out I didn’t. Or at least I don’t think I did. Did this ever get rescheduled?

  2. Jeecy says:

    I was super excited for the show, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting news of the rescheduling. Any ideas yet of when it will be? Sorry to be so impatient, but I’m so afraid of missing it.

  3. Clinton says:

    I just started listening to the Nerdist a month ago, loving the show. And the first time I heard about the live show coming to my home town… was during this week’s show when you mentioned it would not be coming. Awwwww… At least now I know to look for it in the fall. Looking forward to it!

  4. Tessa says:

    Seriously, this is awesome news for me! I’m a PSU student studying abroad right now and was MEGA upset when I found out I’d be missing the Nerdist guys. AND NOW I CAN SEE THEM? Maybe, if I can still get tickets? AWESOME!!!
    TL;DR this is great for this specific person.

  5. State College is really tough to get to. I wanted to take a train but that would have taken 16 hours for an 8 hour drive. So I was planning on driving.

    I’m sure everything will work out magically.

    Great song for the post Perry! It’s perfect!

    This week is going to get better….right?

  6. Louis O' Raga says:

    In regards to the email on the tickets from the State Theater.

    “To obtain a refund from the theatre, you will need to contact the box office by Monday, April 30th, 2012 either by phone at 814-272-0606 with the credit card used to purchase the tickets, or by coming to the box office on West College Avenue with a legal photo ID and a credit card in the same name. Otherwise, we will issue a show credit, which will be mailed to the address listed on your account information.”

    What should I do?

    Should I let the credit come in, and show my ticket at the theater, or.


  7. Left it up to let people have the link for box office information. Will take it down shortly.

  8. This is unfortunate news, but … uh … maybe you guys should stop offering that link over there to buy tickets to a postponed show.—–>