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Three Ways AVENGERS 4 Could Wrap Up INFINITY WAR

Warning: This post contains massive spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War!

Avengers: Infinity War dropped quite a few bombshells on Marvel fans, and even Tom Holland couldn’t possibly spoil them all. Thanos may demand your silence, but we have it on good authority the Mad Titan won’t be showing his face in the MCU until Avengers 4 hits in May 2019. So, it’s going to be a long year as we wait for the resolution to Infinity War‘s cliffhanger. On today’s Nerdist News, we offer three theories about how Avengers 4 will wrap up the storyline.

Join Thanos’ new favorite host, Jessica Chobot, as she enlightens us with the path Marvel may take now that half the universe is dead. Thanos won, bro. If there’s a god in the sky, it’s him. Obviously, the remaining heroes are going to bring “god” down. But can the people he turned to dust be restored? Our first theory is no, they can’t. As they used to say at Marvel Comics, “dead means dead.” In the darkest of all possible timelines, we already addressed how the show could go on.

Vanity Fair‘s Joanna Robinson had a theory about Ant-Man and the Wasps Quantum Realm adventure and how it may also play into the next Avengers. According to that one, the characters will return to find the events of Infinity War have already taken place. Perhaps they were spared from Thanos’ touch by being out of his reach. But here’s the part that will keep you wondering: Robinson suggests that the erased heroes and people have literally been pulled from existence. As in they never lived at all, and it’s up to Ant-Man and the Wasp to keep those memories alive long enough for them to be restored.

Finally, there’s the always handy time travel solution. We’ve seen some hints for this in the behind-the-scenes pictures from Avengers 4, which show several cast members in their costumes from the original film. That said, there’s also a possibility that the next film will feature a sizable time jump to show how the universe is adjusting to the big changes. What if it’s not enough to stop Thanos? Maybe Thanos needs to see just how wrong he was about his ambitions before Captain Marvel arrives to help rally the heroes against him.

How do you think Avengers 4 will play out? Share your theories below!

Images: Marvel Studios

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