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Avatar: Pros! Cons!

David Poland of The Hot Blog and Devin Faraci of stopped by AOTS today to rap with me about Avatar. They may not have agreed about the quality of the film’s story, but they are both really smart, nice guys who deserve your visual patronage!

I’m the clown off to the side directing traffic.

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  1. It looks like a fun movie and not a great movie. I haven’t followed the masses and been hypnotized by the commercials and seen it yet, so to speak of it even un-intelligently is not really fair. My friends have said the storyline was pretty pathetic and a lot like Pocahontas with space ships and smurfs. However that being said they also said it was damn good movie and it looked absolutely amazing. Does that mean it should be nominated for best film of the year at the academy awards, well no, but for special effects, it’s a shoe in. I will be seeing it quite soon though, and then I can speak about it a little bit more.


  2. Val says:

    I still don’t see what the big deal is with this movie. Yes, it looks cool with all the pretty colors and heavy CGI, and for that I give it some respect. But other than that? It’s not a bad movie by any stretch. It’s just not this insanely earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting experience that people are making it out to be. I left the theater feeling that my 10 bucks was well spent, but I felt the same way after watching Sherlock Holmes the next week. Meanwhile, there are people who have formed an online support group to deal with the depression issues they’re facing because Pandora is an imaginary place. I remain baffled.

  3. Michelle says:

    Also, with the movie being 3D, I do not believe has any baring whether it ‘better’ or not at the box.. People are going to see regardless of… It ‘looks’ good either way. Being 3D is a perk, so-to-speak.

  4. Michelle says:

    David and Devin both seem to be in the right. They are just going at the topic from different angles; personal perspectives. I liked listening to both sides. The both had a good direction for the point of view they were trying to convey. Not very much in-depth information on each side, but good enough.
    You could sit all day and break down Movies, or anything really for that matter.

    The reason it’s grossing? Well, it is very visually appealing. Visual interpretation, even in the slightest, is going to have some kind of impact. Whether the story is wonderful or if story completely absent, even the people looking for story can enjoy a completely visual film. Example -> “The story sucked.. but it looked awesome!”. I know, common sense.

    In between both parties, about the film content, I agree more with Devin, how ever there were some points that could go either way. It honestly, really all depends on the content that is preferred by the majority of people.
    It was all very vague…. almost like most of the content in this comment.

    Not seeing a movie (or buying a cd/game, etc..) because of a review.. is a dim decision. You never form a personal opinion on someone else’s thought. That just does not make a whole lot of sense. – I dislike hearing that someone had not seen a movie simply because of reviews.. Your making the critic speak for you. Are you an automaton? Regardless of how awesomely cool that would be, I do not believe that is so… at this point.

    Also, for the people who haven’t seen the movie, that would potentially get upset by, they did not spoil…

    Actually, funny enough.. I got excited when I first caught a glance at the screen for the trailer… Silly me.. I thought it had something to do with the breeding of Mithra and Galka.
    I have flighty thoughts..sometimes…. ooh! a flying cow.. what were you saying?
    ( For the people that do not know.. Don’t worry about the Mithra/Galka reference..)

  5. Karl says:

    “My eyes got raped” – Hardwick you’re hilarious. I knew I started following your blog for a reason. Great job on AOTS with Munn!

    I wish box office was measured in ticket sales and not dollars because hiked up 3D prices definitely play a role in Avatars total. BUT I did think it was great escapist entertainment and my wife and daughter who both did not think they would like it wanted to see it a second time. Cameron knows how to make an entertaining movie, there’s no denying that. He may not make great “films” but he makes great movies!

  6. lux says:

    Cheers, Warren!!!

  7. Robert says:

    Chris, I was disappointed with the Loop segment. Where was the “Pro” response? And I’m really weary of the critic/guests angling for the coolest Insult Soundbite. “Dances with Wolves.” yeah, that’s great.

    Anyway, you I dig. Keep up the good work!

  8. Warren Blyth says:

    What this movie’s story has, which your guests are too dense to note, is a genuinely original twist on spiritually cut-off.
    What if spiritual connections were scientifically proven and physical? This changes the debate, because you can’t just dismiss the spiritual natives as being crackpots. It questions our whole industrialized society from an intelligent scifi angle.
    Yet film self obsessed geeks keep saying “blah blah, some spiritual shit. whatev. It was Ferngully in space. CRAPOLA!”
    Because they’d rather be destructive and bitter.
    (My respect for Hardwick goes up, just because he didn’t jump in and poop on the movie).

  9. Gitfid says:

    Don’t form an opinion completely until you’ve seen the film people. Guessing about the film before it comes out is fine but join the rest of us at some point.
    Avatar was great because it was like multiple movies in one, but it still had enough space in the story to give the viewer space for imagination, which hooks a lot of people.

  10. MidLifeMama says:

    I have this thing where I REFUSE TO PUT MONEY IN THE POCKET OF JAMES CAMERON. It makes me crazy. I will go to my grave not seeing Titanic.

    And I cannot watch and listen to you talk without seeing a cow. And you look nothing like a cow. Weird.

  11. Beau Ryan says:

    this film makes me want to buy a blacklight for my room, and saltwater fish.

  12. lux says:

    wait, if the sequel has the Na’vi leave the planet, then what was the point of shame walking the planet rapers?

    p.s. can you get someone to fix Heroes?

  13. Chris Hardwick says:

    I liked it! But whether or not you like the story, it’s still a fun film experience and gorgeous to look at. It is definitely a movie that benefits from the big screen, so go see it while it’s still in theaters.

    Go and form your own opinion! Don’t listen to us!

  14. Kijan says:

    I still haven’t seen it because of mixed reviews…this didn’t help : ( what did you think of it chris?