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ATTACK ON TITAN and Marvel Universe Crossover is Coming to Japan

ATTACK ON TITAN and Marvel Universe Crossover is Coming to Japan

Although many comic book fans live for the big ticket event series like Crisis on Infinite Earths or Secret Wars or Civil War, few will dispute that some of the most memorable stories came in the form of “what if?”-style stories. Marvel often posed that very question in their ongoing What If? and Marvel Team-Up comics, and now they’re getting ready to bring together two exceedingly disparate universe for one of the most exciting crossover stories yet: Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan and the Marvel Universe. No, your fan fiction isn’t bleeding into reality; this is actually happening, according to Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski, who confirmed it on Twitter earlier today. Take a look at this glorious teaser art:


The unexpected multiversal mash-up will be crossing over in two weeks in Japan, said Cebulski. No word yet on whether or not the comic will make its way stateside, but given the robust size of the scanslation community, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fan translation long before it ever sees an official stateside release. Honestly, though, Spider-Man, Eren Yeager and the Recon Corps going up against the likes of the Titans is a tag team adventure that I would most definitely like to read.

What do you think of an Attack on Titan x Marvel Universe crossover comic? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. David says:

    Deadpool cutting his way out of a titan’s chest.. donning a tophat.. ‘ Hello my baby hello my darlin, hello my ragtime gal..’

  2. G33kAmb3r says:

    O.m.f.g That’d be absolutely effin amazing!!! 

  3. i doubt this will extend past the run it should have no effect on either series or universe put the pitchforks down

  4. Zachary Schneider says:

    Please please pleeeeeeease don’t ruin the show with this garbage…. Make your comic but make it its own thing and keep marvel superheroes out of a great anime.. I beg you…

  5. I.V.E.U. says:

    WTH??!! Titans in NYC? Please don´t…

  6. Derek Read says:

    No idea how this could make any sense, so I’m pretty curious to see it.

    • Mr. Snuffaluffagus says:

      The Titans could be viewed as just another iteration of the Marvel Zombies, and the Recon Corps is basically Spidey with swords anyway. 

  7. ricky says:

    i cant wait to read it!!

  8. N. Awnymuss says:

    For the love of god, please no….

  9. Andrew Lopez says:

    Um sold!