Get ready to celebrate Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) with the help of its cutest creatures. Just in time for Netflix’s live-action series, Youtooz is releasing a brand new line of Avatar merchandise starring everyone’s favorite critters, Appa and Momo. This new ATLA release brings us an Appa mug and a fuzzy assortment of Appas and Momos you won’t be able to resist snuggling. After all, you can’t go on a quest without your best companions. The new Youtooz Avatar: The Last Airbender collection is now available. And here’s what’s in store.

New Appa and Momo Plushes Arrive to Youtooz’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Collection

Avatar the last airbender new Youtooz line, Appa and Momo shoulder riders plushes

Youtooz’s new Avatar: The Last Airbender collection kicks off with what we all need in our lives, more Appa and Momo plushes. The Youtooz line offers us two new fluffy versions of the iconic creatures as part of their “shoulder riders” collection. That means these Appa and Momo plushes are perfectly designed, you guessed it, to sit on your shoulder. Momo naturally belongs on a shoulder. But Appa probably doesn’t get to ride around on others that much. So we’re glad he’ll get his time to relax in this Youtooz form.

A release from Youtooz shares more about these Avatar plushes, noting the Appa and Momo plushes are “made of a mixture of minky and faux fur materials, packed to the seams with the most huggable squishy 100% PP cotton, and come equipped with a magnetic disc to let them perch firmly atop your shoulder as the best accessory and a true testament to your love of the fandom!” As a note, Appa is six inches long, while Momo is six inches tall. There’s something really adorable about that in our eyes. We bet Momo has never felt more fearsome.

Appa and Momo Join Youtooz’s Magnetic Stickies Line


In addition to their shoulder rider plush form, Appa and Momo are also joining Youtooz’s line of magnetic stickies. What are magnetic stickies, you ask? Well, they’re small plushes that harness the power of four magnets to ensure you can stick your favorite fuzzy friends just about anywhere. And for creatures like Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s Appa and Momo, adding a magnetic element gives these plushes a fun infusion of life. The creative fan will definitely be able to rig these stickies up like they’re actually flying around. Appa isn’t a sitting bison, after all.

Youtooz will introduce four magnetic stickie plushes in their new Avatar line: two Appas and two Momos. As far as Appa goes, you can snag a normal Appa or an Appa with a tongue blep. I mean, we all need Appa doing a tongue blep; he’s just too cute. And he doesn’t come with any of the damp side effects that getting licked by the real Appa would leave you with. Win, win.

Meanwhile, on the Momo end of things, Youtooz is introducing a normal Momo and a Momo Cactus stickie plush into its Avatar: The Last Airbender collection. Yes, the adorable variant has Momo peeping out of a cactus at you. It really is incredibly cute. But we do have to hope that Momo hasn’t gotten secretly high on cactus juice. “The Desert” may not be one of our all-time favorite episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it certainly is one of its most bizarre.

As mentioned, all of these Avatar Appa and Momo plushes “come with 4 sewn-in magnets, so you can stick them together or onto any magnetic surface.”

Sip From an Appa Mug


Do you want to feel happy every morning? The answer lies in starting your day sipping from Youtooz’s new Appa mug. We dare you to look this mug in the face and not smile back at its cheerful disposition. Making things so cute you have to grin back at them is Youtooz’s superpower. Appa is always darling, but his crinkled eyes and big snout melt the heart, here. Happily, he’s also microwave and dishwasher-safe. (Although he prefers to be hand-washed. Appa is a bit of a diva.)

Momo’s Youtooz Mug Celebrates Sokka and Cactus Juice


Not to be outdone, Momo has a mug of his own, which he shares with Sokka. Both Sokka and Momo do love their cactus juice. And this new mug will make sure you get all your quenchiest liquids right when you need them.

A release shares of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Momo and Sokka mug, “Whether you are stuck in the desert, or just making your morning brew, your new favorite mug is here! At 3.5 inches tall, the mug is made of sturdy ceramic and is handmade. The mug has been designed to look like the cactus Sokka and the G’aang stumble upon while lost in the desert. It is green with grooves and speckled with black lines to emulate cactus needles, while a little bit of cactus juice that overflows from the rim, and a cactus flower blooms as the base. Seated at the base, enjoying the effects of the cactus juice, is Momo with a happy smile and a full belly.” This mug is also microwave and dishwasher-safe, but would too prefer to be handwashed.


This new mug really completes the new Youtooz Avatar collection.

Youtooz’s New Avatar: The Last Airbender Products Are Now Available

All the Appas and Momos you could want hit Youtooz on February 22, when the new Avatar: The Last Airbender collection dropped. Coincidentally, or not so much, this was also the day Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s live-action adaptation arrives on Netflix. It’s a true holiday for ATLA fans.

Originally published on February 17, 2024.