Admit it, the thought crossed your mind. When you saw the hit horror movie M3GAN last year, you thought to yourself “How long before they make a life-size version of that killer doll?” Well, as it turns out, it didn’t take very long at all. NECA has created a screen-accurate M3GAN replica of the loyal dolly/robotic murderbot, standing at over four feet tall. You can bring her out at Halloween, or just leave her to creep everyone out all year. You can check out images of the M3GAN replica doll, as well as read the official description, below.

Own a fully posable, life-size replica of the robot doll from the hit film M3GAN. The Model 3 Generative Android (M3GAN) was designed to be a parent’s greatest ally and programmed to be a child’s best friend. But a self-aware doll with a life of its own can lead to sinister consequences. This 1:1 replica is based on M3GAN’s on-screen appearance, duplicated from actual film-used digital files to be the most screen-accurate representation available. It has an articulated inner-armature, movable eyes, and synthetic hair (matched to screen-used hair samples). Her clothing is made from film-used patterns and includes a dress with inner lining, two striped sleeves, a bowtie, underwear, tights, and shoes. The fabric material of her dress matches an exact swatch of the dress from the movie, and her shoes are customized with details from the screen-used shoes. This fantastically accurate replica doll stands approximately 55 inches tall and will be an excellent addition to any family!

NECA's M3GAN life-size replica doll.

Would the M3GAN replica doll actually be an excellent addition? Debatable. Fortunately, the doll will (probably) not come to life and do a little dance before starting a killing spree. It will just stare into your soul uncomfortably… forever. But hey, some people are into that. You can pre-order the life-size M3GAN replica doll now for $494 from NECA’s online store. It’s expected to ship in the latter half of this year.