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X-Wing Gets a Fan-Made Campaign For Free

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X-Wing pilots can always blaze off on their own, but solo missions are really more fitting to certain eponymous scoundrels. And even flight duos don’t truly fit the true team spirit of Rogue Squadron. It’s a detail Fantasy Flight’s otherwise-stellar X-Wing miniatures game seemed to neglect, and something Josh Derksen sought to rectify with his transformative Heroes of the Aturi Cluster expansion.

This fan-made add-on almost offers a full conversion. Firstly, up to six players can now come to the table for the meticulously-detailed simulated dogfighting. Maybe more impressively, though, Derksen has allowed for playtime to go far, far past the “30-45 minutes” Fantasy Flight recommends. Pushing beyond the brief battles of the official version, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster offers a long-form co-op campaign with enough epic sweep to feel like a proper RPG. Players take on the roles of an entire Rebel Squad battling Imperial AI throughout a whole sequence of missions.

X-Wing Add-On

Going an extra mile or two on top of that, Derkson’s also drawn up new terrain to add locations for the action. And he’s put together a color campaign book with score-sheets and decks for missions, Imperial pilots, and of course, this new Imperial AI. We weren’t kidding about this almost being an entirely new game. These additions even have fully-rendered art that meshes almost exactly with Fantasy Flight’s pre-established work. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is very much the real deal.

For the moment, Derkson’s offering everything–books, cards, terrain, all of it–for the price of nothing. All you need is a printer. Though, you’ll probably want to drop a few credits at a print shot to give these additions the professional gloss they deserve.

Is Derkson’s creation a worthy addition to X-Wing? Will you be printing it out? Drop your comments in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: LucasFilm

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