Long before Hugh Jackman popped his metal claws on-screen, X-Men: The Animated Series introduced a generation to Marvel’s mutants. Thanks to the ’92-97  Saturday morning cartoon, characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Cyclops became household names. And it also had one of the best theme songs to any superhero animated show ever.

For years, the classic X-Men: The Animated Series episodes were not found on any streaming service, so fans had to bust out their old DVD copies. But with the emergence of Disney+, all five seasons are now available. Now that Xavier’s students are officially part of the House of Mouse, Disney+ has cooked up a new modern style trailer for the show in a totally 21st century style. You can watch the X-Men: The Animated Series “Unofficial Official” trailer above.

The trailer does indeed hit all the bullet points about what made X-Men such a memorable series. Sure, the animation was never on par with Batman: The Animated Series, which also aired on Fox Kids back in the day. But its fidelity to the classic Marvel comics of Chris Claremont took it a step above other animated superhero shows of the day. In fact, the animated version of The Dark Phoenix Saga is truly superior to any of the live-action movie versions. MORE BELOW THE BREAK.

X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Gets a Modern Trailer_1


Nothing is solid yet, but there are rumors of a continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series for the Disney+ service. This wouldn’t be a reinvention of the show, like X-Men: Evolution, but a continuation of the original series. Certainly, there are a lot of great comics from the past thirty years for the series to draw from. And the old show never introduced Kitty Pryde, which is definitely something any revival needs to correct. Just please — don’t ever get rid of that theme song.

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Featured Image: Disney