X-Men ’97 on Disney+ has been a hit with both fans and critics, restoring Marvel’s mutants to their proper place in the pop culture pantheon. Although the show’s first two episodes have focused solely on the X-Men, there have been tiny hints of other Marvel heroes for the eagle-eyed viewer. Episode one displayed a Daily Bugle paper with a mention of Spider-Man for example. Speaking of Spidey, could we actually see the wallcrawler show up in X-Men ’97? According to a Screen Rant interview with X-Men ‘97 executive producer Brad Winderbaum, he dropped the following nugget of information when asked about other non-mutant Marvel characters appearing. And it sounds promising.

X-Men ’97 fits directly into the continuity of the 90s animated shows, and as you know, there were some awesome crossovers, most notably with Spider Man[: The Animated Series.] I will say that if you remember the awesome cameos from the original show, you’re going to be happy in X-Men ’97, without going into spoiler territory. It’s an exciting timeline to explore that ’90s world!

(L) Cyclops in X-Men '97 (R) Spider-Man from the 1994-1998 Spider-Man animated series.
Marvel Animation

It sounds like there is definitely some kind of crossover in the works with the greater Marvel animated universe. Of course, this may occur in season two, which is well into production already. Technically, eight ’90s animated series take place in the same continuity as X-Men. These include Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and more. Although, the most notable crossover was with Spider-Man: The Animated Series, where the X-Men appear in a two-part episode. (It helped that both series were on the same network). Spider-Man ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. It would be fascinating if they resolved that storyline 25 years later in an X-Men series. Thanks to his popularity, we imagine Iron Man is a candidate too. We’ll find out as X-Men ’97 continues to unfold.