In a shocking twist, X-Men ’97 Head Writer Beau DeMayo was fired by Marvel just eight days before the series’ first episodes aired. However, since Beau DeMayo’s firing, X-Men ’97 achieved massive popularity. Where does that leave the series and its writer? DeMayo has now clarified how he’ll be involved in X-Men ’97 season two after his firing.

Cyclops at the forefront of the X-Men in a shot from X'Men '97
Marvel Studios

X-Men ’97 Creator Beau DeMayo Has Been Fired By Marvel

In a shocking turn of events, X-Men ’97‘s creator and head writer Beau DeMayo has been fired by Marvel Studios, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The publication notes that “Marvel and DeMayo suddenly parted ways. His company email was deactivated and cast and crew were informed he was no longer on the project.” DeMayo’s Instagram was deactivated but has since returned. No reason for the firing has been released.

How Will Beau DeMayo Be Involved in X-Men ’97 Season 2?

DeMayo recently took to Twitter to clarify how he would be involved in season two of X-Men ’97 after his initial firing.

DeMayo shares of his work on season two of X-Men ’97 in the past and future, “I did write a lot of season 2. However, unlike Season 1, I will not be heavily involved or leading production, cast records, design, editorial, post, music, etc., nor doing any production rewrites as it relates to the creative vision of the show.” DeMayo adds “This is why I’ve said I can’t really speak to Season 2. But, looking forward to seeing the final product with you all whenever it airs. I have high hopes.”

Marvel Studios Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation Addresses Exit

Marvel Animation

Marvel Studios’ Brad Winderbaum, head of streaming, television, and animation, also discussed Beau DeMayo’s exit from X-Men ’97 and its impact on the future of the series. He revealed that X-Men ’97 “will have a new head writer for season 3.” But Winderbaum additionally shared, “We are honoring Beau DeMayo’s ideas for the second season.”

Winderbaum notes he can’t discuss details but “can say that Beau had real respect and passion for these characters and wrote what I think are excellent scripts that the rest of the team were able to draw inspiration from [to] build this amazing show that’s on screen.”

As to where X-Men ’97 is now, Winderbaum reveals, “I’ve now seen versions of animatics for the entire second season. Obviously, when you’re in that stage, there’s a lot of work to do. It’s editorial, but it’s also still iterative because there’s still story to be worked out when you put it on its feet in that way. We’re going to start development on the third season very soon. And, yeah, we’re trying to figure out who is going to be that voice on the page, but luckily—that’s going to come as a surprise—there’s many talented X-Men fans, excellent writers.”

Who Will Write X-Men ’97 Season 3?

Reportedly, replacing Beau DeMayo on X-Men ’97 season three will be Matthew Chauncey. There is no word yet on what the season will look like or what will feature in its plot.

Originally published on May 17, 2024.