Wonder Woman Teams with Justice League in DC’s WITCHING HOUR

On Wednesday, EW announced  DC‘s “The Witching Hour” event.

It looks like it’ll be a fantastic, cosmic addition to the DCU—and at DC’s San Diego Comic-Con DC press breakfast we learned more about the massive event, where  Wonder Woman will team up and battle with Justice League Dark.

Authored by James Tynion IV and illustrated by huge artists Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, and Jesus Merino, the five-issue crossover begins with Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark battling Hectate, the witch goddess of magic, who has activated a secret army of “Witchmarked” humans to store vast magical powers. The Witchmarked cause chaos for JLD, especially when they learn Wonder Woman herself is one of the marked. Will she successfully wield the wild power of Hecate? Or will she be defeated by her fearsome foe?

DC’s press release teases, “Writer James Tynion IV and an all-star lineup of artists take over October, just in time for Halloween, with this five-part weekly series. This is the first event in the ‘New Justice’ family of titles ( JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY, TITANS, TEEN TITANS), featuring two 48-page one-shots and also playing out in the pages of both WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, with all issues written by Tynion IV.”

Are you ready for evil witch Wondy? Can’t wait to see JLD and WW team up? Jump in the comments and let us know!

Images: DC Comics

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