When Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy met her sad fate in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we all figured that was probably the end for that character. Then the MCU rebooted Spider-man, and that seemed to put a final nail in Gwen’s coffin.

But a lot can change in a few years. The Multiverse is now a part of the Marvel tapestry, which means it’s possible we could see Gwen’s heroic alter ego Ghost Spider, also known as the Amazing Spider-Gwen. And maybe even in a female-led Avengers team! These days, anything is possible.

Even though it’s been rumored ever since the “Ladies’ Night” moment in Avengers: Endgame, it seems the possibility of an all-female Avengers team is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. The latest MCU cast member to add fuel to that fire is none other than Black Panther’s Shuri, Letitia Wright.

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Speaking to  Yahoo Entertainment, Wright went on record saying that she’s been campaigning for an all-female Avengers movie ever since that Endgame scene. Wright said “I don’t think we have to fight for it. [Marvel Studios Executive Vice President] Victoria Alonso is very strong about spearheading it, alongside [Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige]. It’s only a matter of time before they do it.” In the comics, the all-female Avengers are known as A-Force, a perfect title for a film.

So which Marvel Comics heroes need to be in an A-Force movie? It’s safe to say that the heroic women who have already starred in MCU and Avengers films are a given. So we’re not going to mention the likes of Captain Marvel, the Wasp, and others. Announced headlining heroines like She-Hulk are also likely a lock, so skipping naming her, too. And also, no X-Men characters. They’ve got to debut in a proper X-Men movie first. But there are still a metric ton of women Marvel heroes who haven’t debuted yet in live-action. Here’s who we’d like to see become a part of that eventual A-Force movie, starting with Spider-Gwen.

Spider-Gwen (Ghost Spider)

Marvel Comics

There’s always gotta be one long shot entry, and this is the one for this list. But maybe this one isn’t such a long shot. Let’s say Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (or possibly the third Spider-Man film) doubles down on the whole multiple Earths concept. Doesn’t it then stand to reason that there is an Earth out there in which Gwen Stacy didn’t die, and became superpowered instead? And why couldn’t Emma Stone still play her? The whole Sony/Disney of it all could throw a monkey wrench in this theory, but we wouldn’t mind at all if Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider was this version of the Avengers resident wallcrawler.

Monica Rambeau

Marvel Comics

Because her civilian identity of Monica Rambeau is in WandaVision, played by actress Teyonah Parris, we’re pretty sure her cosmically powered heroic identity will follow soon. The question is, which heroic identity will it be? She’s been Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, and Spectrum. Whichever superheroic name she chooses, we imagine she’ll be suiting up for an Avengers team in the not-too-distant future. And we can’t wait.

America Chavez

Marvel Comics

Here’s another character from the pages of the comics that isn’t confirmed, but who is heavily rumored to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She hails from an alternate reality known as the Utopian Parallel in the comics. Aside from super strength, flight, and energy powers, Miss America can also cross dimensions. A handy power to have for any Avenger. It would also be fantastic for an Avengers team to have a Latina representing, as well as an LGBTQ member in the ranks.


Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics’ first heroic Quasar was a dude by the name of Wendall Vaughn. He owns the Quantum Bands, advanced ancient alien technology granting the wearer amazing powers. But we think the MCU can just skip Wendall altogether and go to the second Quasar. She’s Phyla-Vell, the daughter of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. Although Mar-Vell is gender switched in the film Captain Marvel, it doesn’t mean that Phyla can’t still be her daughter. Maybe she can star in a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel first, but then we think she should eventually be the Avengers’ new cosmic powerhouse in an A-Force film.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Marvel Comics

We know that the character of Kate will be the co-star of the Hawkeye series on Disney+. The Avengers always has a bow and arrow hero, and we think Kate is perfect to take over for Clint Barton. Even if she’s a member of the Young Avengers first, we think Kate needs to join up with any eventual on screen iteration of A-Force. Regardless of who ends up playing her in live-action.


Marvel Comics

Riri Williams is a pretty recent addition to the Marvel Universe, debuting in 2015. Williams is a genius 15-year-old engineering student, who creates her own Iron Man type suit of armor based on stolen designs. Impressing Tony Stark, she eventually gets his blessing for a life of superheroics and becomes Ironheart. Certainly the MCU Avengers need a new armored sentinel now that Tony Stark has gone on to the great Avengers Tower in the sky. So why not Riri? There have been rumors of a Disney+ series for the character, possibly with Robert Downey Jr returning as the A.I. version of Tony Stark. Hopefully if this comes true, Riri can be the true (iron)heart of an eventual A-Force team.


Marvel Comics

A Spider-Woman movie is on the way, but will it be in the MCU? Director Oliva Wilde seems to suggest as much, recently saying that she can’t talk too much about the movie, because she doesn’t want to rile Kevin Feige. If this was a Sony movie alone, that wouldn’t be an issue. So we are going to guess Spider-Woman is Jessica Drew, a character co-owned by both Disney and Sony. Jessica has a long history as an Avenger, so she should definitely be in an A-Force film in Spider-Gwen isn’t available.

Originally published on October 30, 2020.