We now know which Jedi saved Grogu from Order 66. But that daring escape, seen during a flashback on The Mandalorian, raised new questions about the tiny Padawan’s past. Who helped organize his rescue? Where did he go after that fateful day? And who kept him safe during the Empire’s reign? The “friends” who helped Grogu flee Coruscant suggest a major character from Star Wars‘ prequel trilogy pulled off one final heroic act before dying.

And that means another infamous figure from the franchise might have had a chance at redemption.

Grogu's eyes reflect lightsabers and blasters during Order 66 on The Mandalorian

Who Saved Grogu From Order 66?


Multiple Jedi inside the Jedi Temple on Coruscant fought to protect Grogu during Order 66. All of them fell in battle with clone troopers, but they still managed to get the youngling into an elevator. The lift took him to a waiting Kelleran Beq.

Played by Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best, the Jedi Knight had earned the nickname “The Sabered Hand” for his ability to wield two lightsabers at once. He needed all his skills to save Grogu that day. After fighting multiple clone troopers, Beq sped away with Grogu to a ship that stood ready to get any surviving Jedi off the planet.

Who Helped Kelleran Beq Get Grogu Off Coruscant?


Kelleran Beq brought Grogu to “some friends” of his. Those friends were members of the Royal Naboo Security Force. Those guards protected Naboo’s queens and senators.

They had a ship “fueled and ready to go” for all Jedi fleeing the Temple. But as Kelleran told the ship’s captain, there was no one else left but them. When clone troopers showed up on the platform the captain told Kelleran to take the ship and run. The officers remained behind to battle the troopers, and their sacrifice bought enough time for Kelleran and Grogu to escape and jump into hyperspace.

(That also seemingly marked the first time Grogu travelled the galaxy in a Naboo ship, something he does all the time now in Din Djarin’s modified Naboo N-1 starfighter.)


While we know which Jedi saved Grogu, we don’t know who warned the Naboo officers about the attack in the first place. Nor do we know who (if anyone) might have commanded them to stay and help at risk to their lives. They didn’t serve the Jedi. Would they have died fighting for them? They would have if someone they were committed to protecting told them to. And it’s obvious who would have done exactly that.

Did Padmé Amidala Tell Naboo Royal Security to Help Jedi Escape Order 66?


Naboo Senator and former Queen Padmé Amidala was on Coruscant during Order 66. We also know from Revenge of the Sith she didn’t believe the Jedi turned on the Republic anymore than she accepted her fellow Naboo native Sheev Palpatine’s ascension as Emperor. And (even if she didn’t want to believe it) Obi-Wan Kenobi told her Anakin killed younglings when he turned to the dark side. More than anyone she understood the danger the Jedi faced that day. She also knew how few friends they had left on the planet.

While we don’t know the exact timeline of events in regards to Order 66, Padmé, and Grogu, she is the most likely person to have ordered the Naboo Royal Security Forces to help the Jedi. (She might have even coordinated with her fellow Senator and friend Bail Organa to shepherd Jedi safely off the planet.) If Padmé worked with Kelleran and her guards to save Grogu, it would mean she pulled off one final heroic act before her death.

But that’s just the first question Grogu’s rescue raises. We don’t know where Kelleran took the child.

Where Did Kelleran Take Grogu After Leaving Coruscant?


Kelleran’s “friends” from Naboo helped him get away from Coruscant. He then left on one of their ships. Does that mean he also took Grogu to that planet after fleeing Order 66?

That seems less likely than Padmé playing a significant role in Grogu’s rescue. Emperor Palpatine, just named the most powerful person in the galaxy, was also from Naboo. And once the clone troopers reported back who helped Kelleran escape, the planet would be the most obvious place to look for the missing Jedi.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. Padmé had countless loyal friends there. They would have followed their dead Queen’s orders long after she was gone. Plus, as the Separatists learned in The Phantom Menace, Naboo is not an easy place to control. It has an entire second civilization that lives underwater. Grogu could hidden with the Gungans for many years without anyone from the Empire finding him.

And we know what that would mean for another iconic prequel character.

Did Jar Jar Binks Help Keep Grogu Safe From the Empire?


If Grogu ended up with friends on Naboo, Ahmed Best’s Kelleran Beq could soon meet Ahmed Best’s Jar Jar Binks. The infamous Gungan was Naboo’s other Senator at the time of Order 66 (He’s also another obvious candidate for who organized Grogu’s escape). He was also present at his friend Padmé’s funeral on Naboo.

What better tribute could he have given to her than to continue protecting a child she helped save? And what better way for Jar Jar Binks to finally get redemption for his past mistakes inadvertently helping Palpatine become Emperor?

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