The Wheel of Time TV series, based on the book series of the same name by Robert Jordan, set up a mystery for Perrin Aybara in season one. His eyes occasionally turned golden, and he didn’t know what was happening. Perrin’s abilities have continued to evolve in season two of the show, ever since he met Elyas. Elyas recently told Perrin what he is: a wolfbrother. Here’s what you need to know about wolfbrothers in The Wheel of Time with some context, but no spoilers, from the books.

What Are Wolfbrothers in The Wheel of Time?

Perrin sitting with Hopper the wolf in The Wheel of Time
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Also known as wolfsisters or wolfkin, wolfbrothers are people who have a close relationship with wolves. The known wolfkin in The Wheel of Time books are all men, but women could be wolfkin, too. There is no known way to detect whether someone has the potential to become a wolfbrother. It’s not necessarily a genetic trait. If someone is a wolfbrother, their condition could lay dormant for years. It usually takes close proximity to wolves and the wolves’ acceptance to bring the traits to the forefront. The person may not know what is happening.

In the first season of The Wheel of Time TV series, a pack of wolves approached Perrin in the woods. One wolf licked his leg. Later in the season, wolves help Perrin and Egwene escape imprisonment by the Whitecloaks. Perrin didn’t know what was going on until he met Elyas in season two.

Wolfbrother Abilities

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Being a wolfbrother comes with special abilities, which we’ve seen in season two. Perrin’s eyes turn golden and he can see imprints of things that have happened. He witnesses what occurred in the abandoned village and watches the past when the Shienaran Darkfriend chased down a small child. Elyas uses those abilities as a “sniffer” for hire (this is different from the sniffer in The Wheel of Time books).

Wolfbrothers gain heightened vision and sense of smell, too. In the show, their tastes eventually trend towards raw meat. As we saw with Perrin learning Hopper’s name through a projected image, wolfbrothers can communicate with wolves and each other through a psychic kind of connection focused on images instead of words.

They have other interesting abilities in the books, but let’s wait and see what unfolds in the series to avoid spoilers.

Does Being a Wolfbrother Involve Channeling the One Power?

Being a wolfbrother and using the associated abilities does not involve the One Power or channeling. In fact, it’s believed the condition is older than the One Power, going back before the Age of Legends. Aes Sedai are not entirely convinced that the wolfbrother condition is separate from the One Power. We wouldn’t want to put Perrin or Elyas near a member of the Red Ajah, for example.

Who Are Known Wolfbrothers?

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In The Wheel of Time TV series, the known wolfbrothers are Perrin Aybara and Elyas Machera.