It’s no secret that we love Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key here at Nerdist. We’ve celebrated their best sketches, marveled at Peele’s brilliant slate of films, and adored Key as a Christmas movie villain. It’s been a long time since the pair have brought their comedic forces together but thankfully we won’t have to wait much longer. Netflix’s stop-motion animated film Wendell & Wild will hit the streaming service in October with a dark and wonderfully unique story. And we are getting a mysterious (and rather ominous glimpse) into Wendell & Wild with a clip featuring its punky protagonist. 

The Netflix Geeked Week sneak peek, introduced by creator and stop-motion legend Henry Selick, takes us inside a school with Kat Elliott (Lyric Ross). We don’t know a lot about her life yet. But we do know that she’s a living person whose story will intertwine with the titular characters. The film’s synopsis gives a little more to chew on:

From the delightfully wicked minds of Henry Selick and Jordan Peele, comes Wendell & Wild, an animated tale about scheming demon brothers Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Peele) – who enlist the aid of 13-year-old Kat Elliot – a tough teen with a load of guilt – to summon them to the Land of the Living. But what Kat demands in return leads to a brilliantly bizarre and comedic adventure like no other, an animated fantasy that defies the law of life and death, all told through the handmade artistry of stop motion.

Kat peeks around a corner, eyeballing a science classroom. It’s dark as she rushes into the class, clearly looking for something specific. But things get weird in the Wendell & Wild clip when a desk drawer begins to rattle with green light emanating from it. Kat forces it open and recognizes a doll with glowing green eyes. She calls it “Bearzibub” and the clip ends, going back to that freaky boombox that fans have seen on YouTube for a while.

Kat from Netflix's Wendell and Wild

Well, well… this all seems on the up and up. The name for that bear def sounds like a dark omen, right? It seems that music will play a huge part in Kat’s life in some way. She looks hella punk with her colorful puffs and eyebrow rings so I bet her playlists are full of jams. And, Lyric Ross is truly brilliant so it will be a delight to see what she brings to Kat.

October is practically around the corner. So hopefully we will get a full trailer and all that jazz really, really soon! We need more Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key in our lives.