It’s exciting anytime we get a new Peanuts special. Charles M. Schulz’s cadre of youngsters are still as beloved as ever. But their next adventure is extra special because it’s long overdue. Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin will finally put the spotlight on a kid who has been overlooked for far too long. And the film’s trailer promises a touching origin story that will have long-time fans racing to watch how Franklin found his lifelong friends.

Welcome Home, Franklin looks like a sweet story that celebrates the very best of Peanuts. It will also show us how Franklin, Peanuts‘ first Black character, became a member of the group after some initial trouble adjusting to his newest home. Here’s the special’s official synopsis from Apple TV+:

The origin story for one of Peanuts’ most beloved characters, the special follows Franklin as he moves to a new town and navigates new friendships. Franklin’s family is always on the move with his dad’s military job, and everywhere he goes Franklin finds support in a notebook filled with his grandfather’s advice on friendship. But when Franklin tries his usual strategies with the Peanuts gang, he has trouble fitting in. That’s until he learns about the neighborhood Soap Box Derby race – according to his grandfather, everyone loves a winner! He’s sure that winning the race will also mean winning over some new friends. All he needs is a partner, which he finds in Charlie Brown. Franklin and Charlie Brown work together to build a car and in the process become good buddies. But as the race nears, the pressure mounts – can their car and their newfound friendship make it to the finish line? 

Franklin drives and Charlie Brown seems nervous as they both wear helmets in a racing cart in Welcome Home, Franklin
Apple TV+

Did you pick up on that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving reference? Not only will this special finally put the spotlight on Franklin, it will also let him sit on the same side of the table as his friends. Talk about correcting a long overdue problem!

This new Peanuts story comes from Emmy-winning director Raymond S. Persi (The Simpsons, Wreck-It-Ralph). Robb Armstrong (Jump Start) co-wrote with Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano. It’s based on an original story by Armstrong and Scott Montgomery (The Snoopy Show).

Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin drives onto Apple TV+ on Friday, February 16.