HBO Preview Offers First Look at WATCHMEN’s Adrian Veidt and More

Wow, HBO sure knows how to tease. In a highlight reel dropped on NBC and social media during the Golden Globes, they gave us really brief looks at all the upcoming goodness they have for us this year, including True Detective, Game of Thrones, Watchmen, the Israeli TV adaptation Euphoria starring Zendaya, and additional specials like a Chernbobyl movie.

The most significant takeaway, of course, is the first real Watchmen footage, and it’s hard to know what to make of it so far: the “masks” in this iteration look more like lucha libre wrestlers than comic-book superheroes, and that interpretation of Rorschach could either be a fanboy in a costume or a new take on the real thing — it goes by so quickly we don’t yet know, but Jeremy Irons looks the part of an aging Adrian Veidt. And look at the backdrop: A sign from Gila Flats in the ’50s, where Jon Osterman became Dr. Manhattan. Wonder if this series goes with the squid as canon, or the Zack Snyder movie’s alternate ending.And then there’s Game of Thrones: Daenerys comes to Winterfell! And Sansa offers it to her! It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s a nice moment to get a look forward to.Good reel, HBO. You already had our subscriptions, but now we want to pre-pay for the rest of the year just to make sure we get all this.

Image: HBO