WandaVision has arrived. Marvel’s meta- MCU TV-show-about-TV-shows is an utter delight. And like any good MCU story it’s filled with Easter eggs. From references to classic comics, deep-cut Marvel lore, and hints about the multiverse, there’s a ton to pick apart. As usual, we’re here to break them down for you. So let’s dig into the extraordinary Easter eggs of WandaVision for episodes seven through nine (Read our Easter egg breakdowns for episodes one through three and then episodes four through six).

Episode Seven – “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

Wanda lying in bed with covers to her chin

Marvel Studios

The Morning After

Wanda is finally coming to terms with reality and with that comes the modern age. We begin this episode with a Modern Family straight-to-camera set-up that features a few little treats. Wanda’s hexagon-covered bed cover and pillow set continues the shapely theme. Wanda also admits she created the false world here, which is a first. Billy and Tommy are in their costume colors again, which is always cute.

Behind Wanda’s bed we see two pastoral paintings. One features a large castle or mansion. Could it be the X-Mansion? The castle where Baron von Strucker kept the twins? The twins really want Wanda’s help as their video game is “going crazy.” Their game controllers start as Wiimotes, then GameCube controllers, then Atari joysticks, and finally a bunch of Uno cards. Fun times!

Kane soda is back in the fridge, shouting out line producer Mary Kane. There’s a creepy clown on the Sugar Snaps cereal box that references the circus Wanda created. Also, Sugar Snaps is probably a reference to the Snap! Dun dun duh. The back of the cereal box has a maze and the company Sweeney’s could reference Max Sweeney, who works as a digital assets manager on the show. Love how they keep working in shout-outs to the creative team. It’s wonderful. Finally, Wanda’s milk carton is phasing through eras because she’s clearly losing control of the Hex.

World’s Best Wanda

Marvel Studios

This week we get a The Office-inspired credits sequence with a very The Office sounding theme. The opening credits made us think of Happy Endings too. Don’t worry if you’re missing the creepy lyrics we usually get—just wait util the final act.

The opening credits feature Wanda’s name repeated again and again, reflecting her “day to herself.” Some fun notes are that the tape says Master Wanda. It’s fun to imagine who Wanda’s master is or whether Wanda is the Master of her own destiny… or maybe, the Marvel villain Master Pandemonium?! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

We also see Wanda written in the sky like the Wicked Witch of the East does in Wizard of Oz, which becomes very pertinent later. We also get some blink and you’ll miss it hostage letter style cut outs which say, “I know what u are doing Wanda.” There’s another big potential Easter egg here too, and it deserves its own subheading and paragraph!

Dossier Number 122822

When we see Wanda’s license plate, it has the number 122822 above it. As you’ll know if you read our Easter egg updates, we love a random number. But this number has a weird relevance. Thanks to Avengers Alliance wiki, we discovered the existence of Dossier #122822. Avengers Alliance was a turn-based social-network game. Anyway you can read the contents of the Dossier below:


The Pulse originated in deep space, but its point of origin is uncertain and estimates vary widely. S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientific staff, working in conjunction with Reed Richards, is attempting to pinpoint the source by working backward from the minute differences in recorded times of impact and different locations across Earth’s surface. NATURE Fundamentally the Pulse was an electromagnetic wave of singular power and integrity, with a velocity at its wavefront approaching the speed of light.”

Comics to Read

In case that’s not a reference to a now defunct video game plot, it could also be a nod to Avengers #122, which has an ominous cover headline. That headline states: The Final Battle. It’s a deep space Scarlet Witch and Vision story, but the Final Battle part seems the most relevant here. Next up is Avengers #1, not because there’s a one anywhere in the episode but because in that issue, they’re at a circus. In the 1963 comic, the team assembles for the first time at a circus where the Hulk performs. It’s really silly and fun and features upcoming Disney+ TV star Loki, who is the real reason the team gets together in the first place. It’s peak Jack Kirby goodness so make sure to pick this one up.

We also see a license plate on a red Dodge truck that ends with A9X. It’s almost certainly a nod to X-Men #9. That’s the first time the mutants fully crossed over with the Avengers. The strangest teens of all are joined by Earth’s mightiest heroes and a character called Lucifer… plus we get “the return of Professor X,” which seems relevant and cool.

Later on, we see a S.W.O.R.D. truck—the one Jimmy and Monica are in—and there’s a #354. That could be an Avengers nod as the issue features the Grim Reaper, good old Simon Williams’ brother (as a reminder that’s who Vision’s brain was based on in the comics.).

Circus Nods

Marvel Studios

According to the circus world, S.W.O.R.D. now stands for the Spectacular World of Rapturous Diversion. It’s fun and scary and we like it. Also, Darcy is an escape artist which is great foreshadowing of her inevitable escape from the Hex.

Family Matters

We get some interesting moments as Wanda loses her grip on the Hex but becomes more attuned to reality. She tells the twins that Pietro isn’t the boys’ uncle, meaning she knows he’s not Aaron Taylor Johnson. Sadly, it doesn’t give her enough pause to see what’s coming. She also has a funny quip referencing her dead hubby. “Vision is made of Vibranium, they literally inherited tough skin.”

And just as she’s hoping for alone time, guess who shows up? Agnes and she’s trying to get alone time with the kids again… which she does an awful lot.

Home Sweet Home

There’s a couple of fun things going on in Wanda’s wacky house this episode. One thing to note: Westview vs. Rochelle on the TV. In the comics, Punisher visits a town called New Rochelle. There’s a cow picture behind Wanda, and we’re taking that as another Bova reference, baby. Also, notice that Wanda is also a big fan of plant-themed decor, which seems abstract until we reach the final act of the episode.

Shout-Out to the Old School

Marvel Comics, MD Bright

There are lots of recurring 82s this week. And honestly, in the whole show. This is a reference to both the creation of Monica Rambeau in 1982 and the first Vision and Scarlet Witch miniseries the same year. It was a solid year for weird comics.

The Truth about S.W.O.R.D.

Shocking no one, Director Hayward is a bad dude. In fact, he’s such a bad dude that he let Wanda take Vision in order to bring the Synthezoid back online. Why? He wants to use Vision as a weapon. And that sucks. Luckily, Monica and Jimmy are on the case. Speaking of Monica, her badass new S.W.O.R.D. vehicle is also shaped as a hexagon from the front. The Hex! Also, in a nice artistic nod, Vision’s schematics look like Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man.”

Roll Up, Roll Up

When we head back to the circus, there’s a performer whose costume echoes Jean Grey as Phoenix. The clown painting outside the circus looks like the clown on the Sugar Snaps box. It’s creepy! Speaking of creepy, let’s talk about…

Creepy Commercial for Nexus

Marvel Studios

This is extremely relevant and ultra bloody cool because of what the Nexus is. Let’s review: “The Nexus of All Realities is a cross-dimensional gateway which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities, this includes realities between realities. It is unknown whether it was created by some being or just if it’s the one place in the entire multiverse where all realities naturally intersect.”


Also, the drug lists an ingredient at 10.3%… #103 is back again, Avengers #103. Hello, my old friend. This is a repeating issue number in the series and points towards a Pietro and Wanda tale. Scroll up for  previous entries to read more about it.

According to the commercial, Nexus helps confront your truth and seize your destiny. If the commercials are from whoever is controlling stuff trying to guide Wanda, then it seems like they want to make/breach a multiverse. We have more on that here!

Home Not So Sweet Home

We finally got to go into Agnes’ house this week. Billy’s powers don’t work in Agnes’ house, because “Agnes is quiet on the inside.” That sounds sad but it’s actually more disturbing.

Marvel vs. Capcom


While Monica prepped to head into the Hex, one of her S.W.O.R.D. colleagues says Capcom. It may well be some military term we don’t know (it can stand for Civilian Assistance Patrol and Civilian Operational Managemen) but obviously we thought of Capcom. And because we were thinking of Capcom in a Marvel show, we were thinking of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Monica Goes into the Hex

We see Monica typing these numbers on the screens in her rover: 3-89. This could be a nod to the West Coast Avengers #42 from March 1989, “One of our Androids is Missing.” I mean, that title is just too good not to include. Also, it could be The Avengers #301 from March 1989 which is a Fantastic Four and Avengers mind control issue. Relevancy!

We hear Jimmy saying, “The density is matching her.” This echoes not only Vision’s power but also kind of Monica’s powers from the comics which we are about to see come to life because…

Spectrum Arrives

Marvel Studios

MONICA RAMBEAU GOT HER POWERS! She can see the Spectrum of light. She is Spectrum. We’ve talked about this a lot in this post—feel free to go back and read more about the amazing woman who was the first female Captain Marvel—but we are just so happy that we had to celebrate this here. After going through the Hex again, Monica becomes superpowered. Her own bravery and willpower afforded her powers and it couldn’t be a more fitting origin.

A New Version of Vision

Vision relearning his own past in those wonderful scenes with Darcy is very similar to White Vision / Vision Quest storyline. The story sees Vision rewritten with no memory of his love for Wanda or his human emotions. While we’re not quite there yet, don’t be surprised to see this tragic story get even more sad as we move towards the finale.

The Root of All Evil

Throughout the whole series we’ve seen pictures of plants. Agnes has many paintings of plants on the walls in her house, and in the basement we see roots overrunning the lair. We’d been wondering if these were nods to the Wundagore Everbloom and heck maybe that’s what Agnes is cultivating. But whatever it is, the plants were definitely pointing to her witchiness.

That Magic Book

Marvel Studios

Could that be the Darkhold we see before us? If it is, that’s a big deal. That book holds all the magic in the Marvel Universe. Or maybe it’s an unnamed Druid Tome like the one Captain America gave Wanda in the comics? Either way, we’ve got a big breakdown on everything you need to know about that cheeky magical book right here!

Agatha Harkness Revealed

It’s finally come. The day we’ve all been waiting for: Agnes is finally revealed as Agatha Harkness. I’m most happy I won’t have to keep typing Agnes/Agatha in theories anymore. Also, she’s wearing her brooch again. She’s cool, she’s evil, we love her.

And wait. Is that the villain Samhain on her brooch? It’s a new theory but an image from Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 looks very similar.

It was Agatha All Along

Marvel Studios

Not only is Agnes actually Agatha but we also get one of the best sitcom openings yet. Inspired by The Munsters, we learn it’s been Agatha causing all this drama for Wanda.

“Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along. Who’s been pulling every evil string? It’s been Agatha all along. She’s insidious. So perfidious. That you haven’t even noticed and the pity is, it’s too late to fix anything now everything has gone wrong. Naughty Agatha. It’s been Agatha all along.”

This means we probably saw Agatha’s creepy hand controlling Pietro. Also, Agatha killed Sparky! How dare she?! But we forgive her since she’s just really, really cool.

Our First Marvel Studios TV Mid-Credits Scene

Let’s start this by saying: about freaking time. This is another shift in the storytelling style as mid-credits scenes are so inherently tied to the MCU. So now we’re officially back in the MCU and probably not going to see many more parodies of TV shows.

As for what happens here, well Monica tries find Wanda. She spots the weird glowing roots and then Pietro appears, which bodes badly for Monica. Or for Pietro, because Monica is superpowered now. Also, we have to shout out the incredible production designer for recreating the house from Bewitched for Agatha’s not so humble abode… that’s called an Easter egg, baby.

Episode Eight – “Previously On”

Marvel Studios

You want answers? Well, WandaVision episode eight is here to give them to you… some of them, at least. We begin this week with a little tease before we even get to the show.

Agatha, Agatha, Agatha… all along

Marvel’s classic red logo is MCU Power Stone purple here—obviously a nod to Agatha’s wild purple-tinged witchcraft. Speaking of which, we get a comics accurate origin for Agatha. She was a witch in Salem and we even get a cool visual nod to the Salem Seven as the sequence really looks like the Agatha burning scene from The Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #3.

House of M(ake believe)

In Agatha’s basement she shows off her magic prowess, taunting Wanda for her lack of basic magical knowledge. While she’s doing it we see an M rune which honestly screams Magneto and/or House of M. We also learn the truth of Fake Pietro—he’s not real, folks! He could still be the Fox X-Men Pietro as she basically used a body to make him do it. And we all obviously recognize him so the likelihood of it being a complete rando seems thin.

What Does Agatha Want?

Marvel Studios

This is a question we’ve been asking for weeks and we finally have an answer. Wanda’s magic drew Agatha to Westview. She seems bitter about how long it took her to learn magic compared to Wanda’s innate powers. And she really wants Wanda to come to terms with what she created in Westview so she realizes her own true power. Also, important to note Agatha seemingly has two magic books, which could mean she has both the Darkhold and Captain America’s Druid Tome.

Memory Games

In a smart inversion of one of her most famous comics arcs, here, instead of erasing Wanda’s memory Agatha is actually restoring it. That leads us to a number of heartbreaking vignettes from Wanda’s past. But not before Agatha literally says bewitched. Well done, girl. Well done.

A Less Than Happy Memory


We begin by revisiting Wanda and Pietro’s childhood. Just like Billy and Tommy, the twins are both wearing their superhero costume colors as kids. In a heart wrenching moment, it’s revealed that all the shows that shaped the series are DVDs and VHS tapes owned by her dad: Who’s the Boss?, Addams Family, I Dream of Genie, I Love Lucy, and Malcolm in the Middle.

The night the Stark Industries bomb hit the house, the family was having a TV night watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. The television set looks like the TVs we’ve seen throughout WandaVision and its promo posters.

While the show states Wanda’s favorite ep is The Dick Van Dyke Show season two, episode 21, the episode they show is actually “It May Look Like a Walnut.” According to Google that episode is from season two episode 20. (Maybe that specific box set lists it differently though?)

“It May Look Like a Walnut” is a much more relevant episode as it’s about Rob watching a scary sci-fi movie a la Body Snatchers and then thinks it’s coming true. We also learn here that so many moments from Wanda’s favorite episode were recreated in the early episodes of her own series.


From what we see with Agatha, Wanda has always had latent powers. But in a Weapon X-style twist, they were expanded by HYDRA. No one else survived direct contact with the Mind Stone before Wanda, likely because of those very powers.

The First Appearance of the Scarlet Witch

In the Mind Stone encounter, Wanda sees the outline of herself in her classic comic book costume floating down towards her before it explodes. During this HYDRA-heavy sequence, we also learn that Wanda watched a creepy The Brady Bunch episode about dolls and babies which WandaVision referenced in episode three. Also, is it just us or does HYDRA’s base and tech look a lot like S.W.O.R.D.? We also learn that Wanda was editing the video feed that HYDRA watched just like she would later do in Westview for Darcy and Jimmy.

Some Comics to Read

Marvel Comics

Avengers #113 and #114 are referenced again on the HYDRA monitors. Later on, we see a few more numbers in the S.W.O.R.D base. We see 109: in Avengers #109, Hawkeye quits the team because he’s upset that Wanda and Vision are dating. 30: in Avengers #30, “Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch take a leave of absence from the Avengers due to their powers dwindling.” And another recurring number, #101, is back again.


Agatha and Wanda also revisit Wanda’s room in the Avengers Compound. Her arrow-patterned bedspread is very Hawkeye-ish and replicates a logo he’s even worn before. She’s watching Malcolm in the Middle with Vision. It’s an episode where the dad gets crushed under a house—grim but effective. She still has the DVD collection her dad had (or she’s re-collected it). In an interesting note, the plants all around the room seem to reflect the houseplants theme throughout the season that led to and foreshadowed Agatha’s overgrown lair.

Fake News

We see the usual suspects on the TV screens in S.W.O.R.D. headquarters as Wanda enters, including WHiH and Spectrum News with headlines like “Families reunite after blip,” foreshadowing Wanda’s own reunion with her dead synthetic husband.

Hayward Is Evil!

Marvel Studios

I know we all kind of knew this already, but Hayward really is evil! Not only do we see Vision being dissected and experimented on, but we also learn there are hexagons inside Vision. Wanda saw them when he was being dissected. Also, Wanda didn’t actually steal Vision’s body at all. Instead, Hayward tried goading Wanda to bring Vision back to life. That gives us some big questions: Did he know that she’d be able to create a new Vision? How did he create the fake footage? Did he Skrull shapeshift into Wanda?


We learn in a heartbreaking moment that Vision bought Wanda a plot of land in Westview for them to grow old together in. As Wanda drives through the town, we see Phil Jones, Herb, Mrs. Hart, and the delivery man in their normal forms. There’s also some silly posters including (and this might be a *wink* reach) but one says “Stretch it out.” We’re saying is a silly Reed Richards bit.

Vision had bought them the land on Sherwood Drive lot B. When she went through the S.W.O.R.D. base, Vision was in section B. Could that explain the subtle bee nods throughout the series? Especially as we know Vision has hexagons inside him from the dissection scene. Basically her trauma at what she saw and the reality of the situation in the real world kept trying to sneak in via abstract reminders of the past.

Putting Comics to the Screen

Marvel Comics

When we see Wanda expelling all her powers in her grief and creating her Westview, it looks almost identical to a panel from Avengers West Coast #61. It’s relevant as after she explodes in the comics, Immortus claims she’s “doomed the multiverse,” which could set up a lot of stuff for the future of the MCU. We also see homes coming together like puzzle pieces during her creation of Westview, a clear visual reference to the iconic House of M cover by Olivier Coipel. The most important narrative reveal here, though, is that Wanda creates Vision from nothing, using only her Mind Stone enhanced powers.

Other Bits Around Town

Wanda creates a billboard for Lagos brand cleaning. “Make cleaning a snap,” once again referencing her trauma and magic. On the marquee of the local cinema we see “BIG RED,” a reference to both Vision and Wanda herself. And “KIDNAPPED,” because she literally kidnapped everyone in town. We see 115 on the appliance shop, which is another recurring number.

The Scarlet Witch Arrives!

Agatha reveals the truth about Wanda and her powers this episode. Eventually she gives her the moniker the Scarlet Witch. This take seems to come from her 2015 solo series. That makes it a birthright rather than a superhero name. The way that Agatha explains it, it sounds like the Scarlet Witch is some kind of prophesied being.


Marvel Studios

The second mid-credits sequence of the season confirmed a huge fan theory. White Vision—first seen in West Coast Avengers #45—exists and he’s in Hayward’s hands. Worse than that, though, is the fact that Hayward has worked out how to awaken the rewritten synthezoid using Wanda’s Hex Magic. That magic had been trapped in the Stark drone he sent to kill her. This means we’ll likely see a double Vision showdown in the series finale.

Credits: If you were wondering who was fighting Agatha, it seems like it might have been her mom Evanora Harkness, who we see credited at the end. Her name is a reference to The Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the East.

Episode Nine – “The Series Finale”

Marvel Studios

The Truth Is Revealed… Magically

Shocking no one who’s been paying attention, Agatha wants Wanda’s powers for herself. “Taking powers from the undeserving is kind of what I do.” Sure, Agatha! This isn’t something that’s happened in the comics and follows WandaVision‘s path of reimagining Agatha Harkness. Obviously this big reveal doesn’t go well for the villainess. We see Wanda throwing her car at Agatha—in a reference to her move in Civil War—and smashing the vehicle and the witch into Dottie’s house.

In another nod to one of the biggest pop culture influences on this show, Agatha’s shoes are left underneath like the Wicked Witch of the East from The Wizard of Oz, who Agatha’s own mother was named after in the last episode.

It’s a Kind of Magic

We got a few little magic nods this week. Jimmy says “flourish” when he unpicks his cuffs which is a reference to Vision and Wanda’s magic show in episode two. There’s a cheeky Presto delivery truck and of course everyone knows Presto is a magic word. We also get Agatha standing in front of a big billboard that says “All natural formula using the power of Mother Earth,” which is definitely making some kind of statement about the nature of her magic vs. Wanda’s newly emerged Chaos power.

Some Little Bits and Bobs

Marvel Studios

Jimmy calls an FBI agent called Cliff. Who is he? Well, there’s some lesser known Marvel Comics characters called that—like Cliff Garner and Cliff Randall. But they’re basically irrelevant so we’re going with the idea that it’s more likely a nod to a Marvel creator like Cliff Chiang. Or maybe someone just likes the name Cliff? Who knows. Also, the ice cream cart that Wanda walks past has an X on it… like the X-Men, duh! And later we get some more bee teases with a sign in the library that says “This is the place to ‘Bee.'”

Getting to Know the Scarlet Witch

Let’s really get into this. Agatha says there’s a whole chapter dedicated to Wanda in the Darkhold. She calls it “The Book of the Damned,” one of the many names it has in the comics. She then goes on to say some very wild stuff about Wanda’s place in it. “The Scarlet Witch is not made, she’s forged. She has no coven. No need for incantation. Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. It’s your destiny to destroy the world.”

It’s interesting to note that in the book, the depiction of “The Scarlet Witch” seems to look like a hydra/mermaid/Cthulhu creature. Plus, on the next page there’s some very multiverse looking sketches.

Movie Magic

While Agatha taunts Wanda into breaking the Hex, we see the cinema banner change multiple times. Featured movies include The Wizard of Oz, Oz the Great and Powerful, Big Red and Kidnapped, and finally Tannhäuser Gate from Roy Batty’s speech in Blade Runner. All very thematically relevant here.

Real Fake Pietro

Marvel Studios

So shock, horror: Pietro isn’t really Pietro. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s look a little too deeply into numbers present in his room. While discovering that Fietro has somehow kept Monica freaking Rambeau prisoner in his scabby bedroom—which is definitely a reference to his man cave in the Fox movies—we see a poster on his wall that says Davis #19. This could be, but probably isn’t, a reference to Avengers #19. That issue does feature Quicksilver and Wanda alongside future Hawkeye series villain Swordsman. So maybe it does mean something?

Fietro weirdly calls Agatha his “missus” and we see a bill that is addressed to Ralph Bohner. Does that mean that finally Agatha’s Ralph is revealed?? Kind of. After the zip code on the bill reveals they’re in Hunterdon County, New Jersey we learn that Ralph Bohner is actually an out of work actor from Westview that Agatha has been controlling with a magical necklace. It’s so ridiculous that we love it.

House of M Is Back Again

One of the recurring visual Easter eggs here has been the House of M puzzle piece cover by Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, and Frank D’Armata. While we all suspected it, it’s confirmed here that Billy, Tommy, and Vision can’t survive without the Hex. They all disintegrate with their bodies becoming puzzle pieces. Honestly, this doesn’t seem to make sense in the context of Wanda’s alleged powers which allow her to “create life from nothing” but we’ll come back to that later.

Marvel’s (Other) First Family

Marvel Studios

We get some very good Maximoff family moments here. Including one that sees Billy and Tommy reverse Magneto the military together. The iconic imagery of Magneto turning the military’s guns has been referenced more than once here, but this time we also got a cute Quicksilver nod too. Tommy steals a hat from one of the soldiers just like his fake uncle in Days of Future Past. Ah family! They’re not the only ones using their new powers, though. During a brilliant showdown we see Vision restoring White Vision‘s memory, turning his arc reactor yellow and referencing the Mind Stone he never had. And we get a difference in moniker now as White Vision flies off declaring himself “Vision” rather than “The Vision.”

That Sick Scarlet Witch Costume Holds Secrets

Wanda’s power manifests into her classic headdress while she’s on the stake in historical Salem. She later takes Agatha’s power and channels the power of the Hex, becoming The Scarlet Witch. I think it’s important to note here that the center of her headdress looks almost EXACTLY like a Magneto helmet. Even more so than before: an “M” for Magnus, or Mutant, or Maximoff. House of M means House of Maximoff this time, perhaps? This is later echoed in just how much her final costume reflects the on-screen representations of her comics’ dad.

Will We See Agatha Again?

Marvel Studios

Wanda traps Agatha in Westview but hints that they’ll reunite again if she “needs her.” We’re hoping that’s the case as Hahn has been the secondary star of WandaVision. With Wanda now wielding some serious magic, we can expect her or perhaps Stephen Strange to return and ask Agatha to help them understand the multiversal magic they’re playing with.

Home Sweet Home

While Wanda and Vision say goodbye to Billy and Tommy we get a look in their room. There’s a couple of notable things including a Force poster which could reference Force Works, the team that Wanda was on after she left the Avengers. There’s an official Jurassic Park toy which makes sense as Tommy has a painting of the controversial Dilophosaurus which was massively changed for the movie. Basically someone in the show loves Jurassic Park. Or we’re getting a savage land X-Men movie!

There’s also the fact that the boy’s room is split by theme with Billy’s half being more science and future based and Tommy’s half looking more prehistoric. If they get sent into different alt-universes could Billy end up in a futuristic Kree landscape and Tommy in the past of the Savage Lands? Anything could happen.

The boys also have a cool mecha lamp which seems to be a modified version of the Adventure Force Astrobot Walking Robot Toy. It’s really cool and could even be a little nod to the first ever transforming robot in Tokusatsu history: Spider-Man’s Leopardon!

“Even an Android Can Cry”

Marvel Comics, Roy Thomas, John Buscema, George Klein, Sam Rosen

Vision crying with Wanda is a direct reference to the famed issue Avengers #58 that is titled “Even an Android Can Cry,” which features a full splash page of Vision with a single tear. This is almost a direct re-creation of that emotional moment, which held just as much power on the screen as it does on the page.

Monica Rambeau Deserved Better

After being ignored for most of the episode, Monica’s post-credits scene sets up her going into space for Captain Marvel 2. During the mid-credits sequence she’s visited by a Skrull agent on behalf of Nick Fury who apparently wants her to visit him in space.

Some Secrets from the Credits

They use Paul Bettany’s two credits as Vision and The Vision to make a sly reference to the two miniseries that were such a huge influence on the show. The four issue miniseries was called Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1982) while 1985’s 12 issue series was titled The Vision and the Scarlet Witch. This is such a cool and thoughtful nod. The dual series have had such a massive impact on this series so it’s lovely to see this. I hope that it carries through to the future of both versions of the characters. We also get some new creators: Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog are credited—likely for their creation of the Darkhold.

Where in the World is Wanda Maximoff?

Marvel Comics

We don’t want to get too smug here about Wanda’s post-credits scene, but she’s almost certainly at Mount Wundagore. Her wooden shack is inspired by Bova’s home at the base of the mountain as seen in Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4. Two tapestries hanging next to the front door definitely have runes and Xs on them. While we see cute normal Wanda drinking tea and living life, the Scarlet Witch is astral projecting in the bedroom and learning all of the magic that she needs… until we hear Billy and Tommy calling for her.

In the comics, Chthon was said to have written the Darkhold at Mount Wundagore. That could have led her here. Also, in a random but cool note: in the first appearance of Mount Wundagore in Thor #134, Wanda and Pietro are present and she’s driving a car that looks a lot like her car from this series. Basically, get ready to get to know Wundagore Mountain.

Some Questions and Some Theories

Is Scarlet Witch basically like the Phoenix force? That seems to be what the show is setting up here. Also, where are the kids? Our guess: Billy and Tommy likely exist in some liminal space. Agatha stated that the Scarlet Witch could create life from nothing, so there’s no reason they should only have been able to exist in the Hex. Potentially wherever they ended up is some middle space between Wanda’s magic and the real world and our universe.

And that’s it for our WandaVision Easter eggs round-up! Thank you so much for sticking with us through this wild ride through WandaVision and all of its many Easter eggs. We’ve loved putting these posts together for you and appreciate all your interaction and the fact that you enjoy dissecting the things that we love with us!

Originally published on January 15, 2021 with updates on January 22, January 29, February 5, February 12, February 19, February 26, and March 5.