Netflix is making a bigger push into animation than ever before. We’ve learned, via Deadline, that following Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget last year, Aardman Studios is bringing back Wallace & Gromit for a new feature film, Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl. Directed by Nick Park and Merlin Crossingham, it will show Gromit worried that Wallace is now too dependent on his inventions. Wallace then invents a “smart” gnome that has a mind of its own. As often happens with this pair, things go awry, and then Gromit must fight evil forces and save Wallace. The release date is this winter 2025 on Netflix, with the film hitting the BBC first on Christmas.

Netflix and Aardman have announced the voiceover cast for Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl. It includes Ben Whitehead, Peter Kay, Lauren Patel, Reece Shearsmith, Diane Morgan, Adjoa Andoh, Muzz Khan, and Lenny Henry. You can see the new teaser trailer for the Aardman Studios film above. The new Wallace & Gromit adventure will have a 70-minute runtime, and will see the unwelcome return of the supervillain Feathers McGraw. Feathers has returned to take his sweet revenge following his appearance in the Oscar-winning 1993 short The Wrong Trousers. Here’s what Nick Park had to say about the returning bad guy:

I’d had the idea of a film about garden gnomes turning bad for more than a decade, but I could never work out what made them bad. It occurred to me that the single most asked question I get when I meet fans is, will the penguin Feathers McGraw, Wallace and Gromit’s original antagonist from The Wrong Trousers 30 years ago, ever return? We’ve had fun bringing him back in cameo capacities but now, three decades on, it felt like the right time. Then it hit me: What if Feathers was involved with these gnomes?

Wallace and Gromit return for Vengeance Most Fowl for Netflix.
Netflix/Aardman Studios/BBC

We’ll find out what happens when Feathers McGraw returns when Vengeance Most Fowl hits Netflix next winter.