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Yibambe! Become the Black Panther in WAKANDA FOREVER

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Sharpen your claws and get ready to defend king and country in Wakanda Forever from Marvel and Spin Master!

Become part of one of five tribes, take the mantle of the Black Panther, and protect Wakanda from invading forces. Killmonger, Ulysses Klaue, Baron Zemo, Taskmaster and more of your favorite comic book villains don’t have a chance when you and your friends stand ready to protect Wakanda forever.


Wakanda Forever is an immersive strategy dice game for 3-5 players ages 10 and up. Both cooperative and competitive, you’ll fight for Wakanda and for your tribe to hold the mantle of Black Panther. Join the Mining Tribe, Border Tribe, River Tribe, Merchant Tribe, or Jabari Tribe (M’Baku’s home turf), each with its own ability. Then, choose a villain, place them in the center of the “Great Mound” game piece, note and track their health, and it’s time to roll.

wakanda-5When the round begins, the villain attacks the tribe shown on their character card. Each player, with the exception of the Black Panther, then rolls the clear blue dice and takes the amount of vibranium, the small blue pieces, shown. Choose an amount of vibranium, place it under a cup, and on your turn reveal it to the other tribes to determine how many dice you get to use on your next attack. Then it’s time to fight the villain with a roll of those dice to gain Wakanda Points.

You’ll also challenge the tribe that’s currently wielding the power of the Black Panther in a one-on-one fight to try to claim it for your own. Black Panther fights with the Dora Milaje at his side (in the form of a special die) and gets to attack first, giving him or her an advantage in battle. Will you spend your rare vibranium resources on attacking villains, or on your quest to become Black Panther? You’ll need both Wakanda Points and the title of Black Panther to win, so choose carefully!


Wakanda Forever includes tactile and collectible game pieces, from vibranium to a mini bust of Black Panther, and is practically a must-buy for fans of T’Challa and the Black Panther comics. Find the game at Target and your friendly local game store at a suggested retail price of $29.99 now!

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