The final episode of WandaVision gave us many endings for its principal cast. But also many new beginnings. This was especially true in the case of Paul Bettany’s Vision. The version of him we know and love “died” yet again. But his android body lives on in a new form, taking off to parts unknown. Which is why we think Vision should next star in his very own solo Disney+ series. Both versions. And a “Visions” series could also finally introduce us to a long standing Avenger that Marvel has been teasing forever. Here’s how we view the future of the Vision—or should we say The Visions—in the MCU.

A Tale of Two Visions
Paul Bettany as classic Vision and White Vision in the final chapter of WandaVision.

Marvel Studios

The Vision is now split into two. There’s his physical synthezoid body, a.k.a “White Vision,” containing his memories. Or, at least, the raw data of his memories minus the emotions. And then there’s Wanda’s Vision, or “Westview Vision,” which is just a projection of the part of the Mind Stone that exists within her. Westview Vision seemingly dies in the WandaVision finale, when his energy dissipates as the Westview Hex comes down. But is anything ever that simple in the MCU? After all, “ energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes forms.” If this holds true, then his energy might return elsewhere in another form.

Marvel Studios

A potential Visions series could follow both versions of the character, both played by Bettany of course. Both could have very different life journeys, but some kind of external threat could bring them together in the end. Perhaps even literally. But we think it best if this would be a story without Wanda. While she would no doubt be mentioned, this would be about Vision figuring out who he is without his great love, just as the Scarlet Witch’s life is now on a solo path. They may come together again at some point, but for now, they have separate destinies.

The Wonder (Man) of It All

Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics

A Visions series could be how we finally also get an MCU version of Wonder Man. Although we know Wonder Man did not appear in WandaVision, the producers at least considered him. Artwork featuring the character is prominently displayed in productions offices for the series, seen in an interview with series head writer Jac Schaeffer. Of course, this could have been one of the many show’s red herrings. But everyone at Marvel Studios is well aware of the Vision and Wonder Man connections.

A possible scenario for the future of Westview Vision is simply that his energy reemerges elsewhere in the real world. He could finally become an organic being. The character created to be a puppet for Ultron is now a real boy. A good comparison would be how Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan is reformed atom by atom whenever destroyed. With his Hex version dissipated, perhaps Westview Vision reforms as flesh and blood? Or, he could take over an existing human body by accident. But we like the idea that he manifests as his own human being. Otherwise, you run into the ethical dilemma of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman: 1984.

Marvel Comics

Seeing as Westview Vision originally manifests via Mind Stone energy, even his human form might have powers still. Seeing as Vision doesn’t have an actual regular people name, he could take on the name Simon Williams, Wonder Man’s true identity in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, Simon Williams could turn into a being of pure ionic energy. Might the MCU Wonder Man be able to switch between energy form and human form? It’s a different take on Wonder Man to be certain. But the MCU changed Monica Rambeau’s origins, so why not? In the comics, Vision and Wonder Man consider themselves “brothers.” This could be a fun twist on that concept.

White Vision: A More Dangerous Data

Marvel Studios

As for the White Vision, he has to explore what it means to be alive without the benefit of a human soul, something the Mind Stone provided. It could be very similar to the character arc the android Data has in Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you don’t “feel,” are you even really alive? And can a living weapon like Vision be trusted without his moral compass? It could be Terminator’s SKYNET all over again. We envision (see what we did there?) a series which explores both parallel Visions in their separate lives, before they unite once more.

And this unity could be literal or figurative. Westview Vision (a.k.a. Simon Williams) could seek out his robotic counterpart. If only to impart some humanity in him. Much like the comics, the two could stay separate as brothers. Or maybe they literally join together, forming a complete pre- Infinity War Vision again. But I think the cooler option story wise is to keep both entities separate. A human Simon Williams could eventually find Wanda again, against all odds. And the two could form a version of their Westview family years later, only in real life. Stranger things have certainly occurred in the MCU.

Whatever winds up happening, we know we can’t wait to see Paul Bettany’s future in the MCU. Ghostly white, parrot-colored or even pink and fuchsia . We’ll take his Vision any way we can get him.