You just can’t keep a good android powered down. According to Deadline, Paul Bettany will return in a new Disney+ series as the synthezoid hero the Vision. The series has the working title of Vision Quest, and would be the second spin-off of WandaVision after Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Although no plot details are official, sources say that the show will be about Vision trying to regain his memory and humanity. Apparently, Marvel Studios has already started a writer’s room. This suggests it is indeed a series and not a Special Presentation. Although she won’t co-star, word is that Elizabeth Olsen may appear as Wanda Maximoff in some capacity.

Paul Bettany as classic Vision and White Vision in the final chapter of WandaVision.
Marvel Studios

Viewers last saw the Vision in the final episode of WandaVision. Actually, there were two versions of the character, both played by Bettany. There was the version Wanda conjured, based on her memories. Then there we saw the actual rebuilt android body of Vision, created by S.W.O.R.D. One without any of the previous Vision’s personality or memories. In the final episode, the two Visions fought, with White Vision scanning and absorbing Westview Vision’s memories. Then he flew off into the sky, declaring “I am Vision.” And we haven’t heard from him again. Until now.


“Vision Quest” was the title of the West Coast Avengers comics in the late ’80s. This story saw the android Avenger taken apart, and then rebuilt stripped of his personality. This caused the end of his marriage to the Scarlet Witch, and her subsequent insanity that led to so many problems. They have adapted already much of this storyline already in WandaVision. So we expect the title “Vision Quest” to not be a literal adaptation. It certainly would be great to see Vizh return to start the West Coast Avengers. Especially with Wonder Man joining the MCU. They revealed no release date for this new Disney+ series as of yet.