Twitter Went Crazy About the Blue Light Over New York City

On Thursday night, at about a quarter after 9 p.m. Eastern, an especially enterprising night sky opted to treat the residents of New York City to a surprise light show. A series of tremendous bright flashes rendered the whole sky bright blue just above the neighborhood of Astoria (an area on the western end of Queens, where All in the Family takes place and where you can get the best Mediterranean food in the metropolitan area), but reached eyes across the East River into Manhattan and down south in Brooklyn. The consensus: It was freaky as hell. Take a look:Here’s a shot from the vantage point of Manhattan:

And here’s another from right in the thick of it, in Astoria, Queens:

Now, what we’re being told in the wake of this curiosity is that a transformer exploded at the ConEd plant based nearby. We’re being told there were no injuries and only temporary power outages in the neighborhood and at LaGuardia Airport. We’re being told that this is a run-of-the-mill ordeal and nothing whatsoever to worry about. But citizens of New York have experienced far too many superhero battles, zombie outbreaks, giant monster attacks, and alien invasions to just take all that at face value. After all…

Yeah, if you want the real story, I suggest ignoring the “official reports” and going straight to the horse’s mouth: the good people of New York who, when faced with a possible apocalyptic crisis, headed straight to Twitter to spread the word, and make some terrific jokes. Here are our favorites.

And ringing true for anyone who lives in Queens…

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