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This $30 Traditional Remote Works with All Kinds of Apple TVs

From The Shrink Next Door to the Peanuts New Year’s Eve special, there’s no shortage of upcoming shows and movies to watch on Apple TV. But if you prefer a traditional remote control when watching or browsing, then you’ll love this remote. Designed with the standard buttons that you’re probably used to, the Function101 Button Remote makes navigating through AppleTV easy. And for a limited time, Nerdist readers can get one for just $29.95.

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This remote works out of the box with all Apple TVs and Apple TV 4K, and it’s compatible with any television. If you own a Samsung TV, the remote will also pair automatically. Otherwise, just follow a few easy steps and your remote will be ready to go in a matter of seconds. It synchronizes to your TV with infrared technology, so you can control power, volume, and mute functions at nearly 40 feet.

Created by Function101, the remote has an intuitive design that makes navigation simple. Its thoughtful approach to the button layout makes it easier than ever to use your Apple TV, offering a user-friendly alternative to the Siri Remote.

The “MENU” button allows you to wake up your Apple TV from sleep mode or to quit stand-by mode. A long (more than two seconds) press of this button will conveniently take you directly to the Apple Home Screen. When you long-press the power button, Apple TV will go into standby mode, and a short press will turn the TV off. The directional arrows and the “OK” button allow you to easily navigate within Apple TV. There are buttons to jump forward or backward, fast forward and fast rewind, and double-clicking each allows you to accelerate the speed. You can check it out in action here:


So, if you want to enjoy a more comfortable and familiar way to navigate Apple TV, take advantage of this offer through Nerdist before it’s too late. You can get a Button Remote for Apple TV for only $29.95

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