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Print Toys with This Pre-Black Friday Deal On A 3D Printer

As good as the toys at the store are, they’ll never be as personal as the toys you and your kids design together. But how do you go about making your own toys? 3D printing, of course! The Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle is a super easy-to-use 3D printer that can let you design or find toys and print them yourself. And during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale, Nerdist fans can grab one for $319.97 — that’s nearly $150 off!

For most adults, the closest childhood equivalent to the Toybox 3D is either LEGO or making models. However, you were limited by what bricks you had. Meanwhile, models were expensive and required so many steps before giving you something that was too fragile to play with. Toybox 3D lets you print toys your kids can actually play with, and you can choose from a massive menu of toys that are ready for printing. You can even print items based on DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Friends, Seinfeld, and beloved movies like Polar Express. Print Superman and Seinfeld and have the crossover of a lifetime!

A 3D printer with printed castle toys and a hand operating it via an iPad.

With your ToyBox 3D printer, you’ll get 8 colors of non-toxic, biodegradable printer food that can make 100-300 toys depending on their size. Prints don’t even require a knife to remove, in contrast to what you’d find with most 3D printers. That’s an ideal safety feature for children or parents with shaky hands. You’ll also get a manual, but the ToyBox 3D is easy enough to operate that you could teach your kids to work it. 

Toybox 3D is a win in every category. It’s cheaper to print toys than it is to buy them every year. You can work with your child to design toys just for them, inspiring a love for CAD design and creating their own fun. Plus, your kid gets a bunch of toys. Maybe you’ll print yourself the Justice League and their new member Daffy Dumas Duck. And if you want a gift for yourself that you can’t print, check out these deals over here

Get the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle for $319 (reg. $469) during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale.

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