Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the greatest superhero films of all time. So naturally, we can’t wait to see Across the Spider-Verse and Beyond the Spider-Verse. Recently, rumors have been running rampant that the three big-screen live-action Spideys would appear in the two upcoming sequels. Along with other classic Spider-Mans from various cartoons and comics. And now, the digital effects experts at the Corridor YouTube channel have created an incredible version of what Tom Holland showing up in Miles Morales’ Spider-Verse might look like. You can watch the full video of Spider-Man: Everyone’s Home right here:

The Corridor Crew really outdid themselves with this video. The way in which Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, as well as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s were rendered was just perfect. If they do show up in either of the upcoming Spider-Verse sequels, we certainly would not mind if they looked just like this.

Even the voice actor they got to portray Tom Holland’s Spidey sounded quite a bit like him in this Spider-Verse video. In a separate video, the Corridor crew detailed how they made this Spider-Verse fan film come to life, using A.I. And it’s nothing short of amazing. You can watch that one right here as well.

Of course, Marvel fans will recognize many of the other friendly neighborhood wallcrawlers who portal in, Avengers: Endgame style. Spider-Man from the classic ’90s animated series appears. Not to mention the Peter Parker from The Spectacular Spider-Man. PS4 Spidey is there too, as is the Spider-Man from the short-lived 2000s MTV series. Remember that one? That one seems like it’s forgotten today by most fans.

Tom Holland's Spidey in Spider-Man: Everyone's Home.

Maybe our favorite appearances were from two 1970s live-action Spideys, the one from the 1977 TV series, and the Japanese Spider-Man, a.k.a. ” Supaidāman.” They have confirmed the latter of those is showing up in the next film. We also got a kick out of seeing Hostess Snacks Spider-Man. (Yes, he was a real thing). For more amazing videos like these, be sure to check out the Corridor YouTube channel.