Batman and Robin Fight in the Bonkers TITANS Finale Trailer

If you haven’t been keeping up with Titans, know that it’s been a completely wild ride as the group of young heroes have battled villains, taken on a Satanic cult, burnt down the Asylum and all while dealing with their crushes, hormones and burgeoning powers. It looks like things are getting even more outrageous in this incredibly over the top, Batman filled trailer for the final episode which airs on Friday, December 21 on DC Universe.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Batman battle Robin, you’re in luck. This action-packed trailer pits the one-time team against each other; Robin’s hunting down his old mentor after being warned by Jason Todd that Bruce has finally lost his grip on reality and is planning to kill the Joker. It’s exciting to see a live-action  Batman on the small screen at all. DC has long reserved him for the cinematic landscape only–as the Caped Crusader-less CW Arrowverse will attest. And this version of Gotham’s most famous son is one we’ve not seen on screen; Batman is seemingly laying waste to Gotham and its villains, including the Clown Prince of Crime and Two-Face.The episode looks like it’s going to be absolutely unmissable, but as fans who have been watching the show might have guessed, all might not be what it seems. The last time we saw Dick he was walking into a house that’s essentially possessed by the Devil. That could surely lead to some things that aren’t entirely real.

Images: DC Universe

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