Baby versions of everything somehow always work. Like the Muppets? You’ll love Muppet Babies. Enjoy Tom and Jerry? Then you’re probably going to love Tom and Jerry Kids even more. The biggest example of “Make it a baby and people will go nuts” is Grogu on The Mandalorian, who some folks still call “Baby Yoda.” Well, for those of you who want a teeny-tinier version of a baby Yoda all to yourself, one in his birthday suit no less, a highly realistic silicone art doll “Tiny Elf Yoda” is available. It comes from the folks at Creatures In My Bag, and you can see several images of the lil’ guy down below:

According to the official Creatures in My Bag site, Tiny Elf Yoda’s whole body was created of platinum silicone, with a very realistic, soft, and smooth touch. The site reiterates that this is not a toy, but a highly detailed collectible piece. They are all hand-detailed, so slight variations may occur compared to the photos. Particularly in regard to skin coloring, as everything is handmade. They’ve closed the Pre-orders for Tiny Elf Yoda for now, but worry not, they’re opening up again in September, for the price of $189.00.

Tiny Baby Elf Yoda Silicone Art Doll from Creatures In My Bag Collectibles.
Creatures In My Bag

Creatures in My Bag also has other silicone infant versions of characters from pop culture. There’s a baby version of the Grinch, as well as tiny versions of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Also for Star Wars fans, there’s a tiny baby Greedo, of all characters. Although maybe it’s not Greedo, the listing just says “Rodian.” Appropriately enough, the Gelflings from The Dark Crystal also have adorable art doll versions of themselves. We must confess though, our favorite is Baby Cthulhu. Who doesn’t want an adorable tiny version of an ancient Elder God? To check them all out, be sure to head over to the Creatures in My Bag online shop.