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TIME OF LEGENDS: JOAN OF ARC Is Arriving in Stores Soon!

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It’s been about 18 months since we featured Time of Legends: Joan of Arc as a Kickstarter of the Week. We were excited about the mythological setting and the dragon miniature the size of a small dog. In that time, Mythic has been busily working to fulfill the Kickstarter, and they just recently announced their plans to bring Time of Legends to a local game store near you!


The Time of Legends Core Set is a new product that will package many of the pre-assembled miniatures featured in the Kickstarter alongside new narrative campaign scenarios. These scenarios include a faceoff between Joan of Arc and John Talbay, a werewolf hunt, and even the capture of a cockatrice and subsequent use of said creature to terrorize a local village. In addition to these narrative scenarios, the included miniatures can be used in a traditional miniatures skirmish battle mode that provides variable victory conditions and deployment strategies.

Whichever mode you prefer, Mythic Games promises an exciting new type of miniatures game. Not only will you lead forces into battle, you’ll also converse and pray with locals and explore the countryside. While there’s no word on whether or not the giant dragon “miniature” will be available at retail, you can pick up the Core Set in Q4 of 2019.

Which monster would you rather face on the battle field: Cockatrice or Werewolf?

Image Credits:  Mythic Games

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