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This Folding Camping Chair Can Fit In a Cupholder

You don’t have to stand for discomfort anymore. Anywhere you can take a water bottle, you can take a chair—as long as it’s as compact and portable as this one. The CLIQ Portable Camping Chair is the size of a water bottle, super comfortable, and Nerdist readers can get it on sale for $90.

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The CLIQ Chair is the perfect companion for camping, hiking, or those really long lines at amusement parks or conventions. Wherever you go, it’ll only take five seconds to unfold this tip-proof chair and have somewhere comfortable to relax. For something that could comfortably fit in a cup holder, that’s impressive. The CLIQ raises 12 inches off the ground, making it the perfect height for sitting around a campfire or just enjoying nature. It provides great lumbar support, so you aren’t giving up comfort for convenience. It’s also remarkably light, weighing less than four pounds. In fact, you could carry two and it still wouldn’t weigh as much as a gallon of water

Despite its size, this chair is also deceptively strong. CLIQ Chairs can hold up to 300 pounds and are made of twice-stitched ripstop ballistic nylon with double seams. It’s a travel companion you don’t have to worry about hurting, and you could fit enough for any hiking buddies without even noticing the extra weight. Carry it the length of a long trail, bust it out, and play a game of cards with your friends or just kick back in a comfortable seat that is ready to relax in 5 seconds.

See why thousands of reviewers on Amazon gave the CLIQ Chair 4.5 stars. Right now, you can give yourself great camping comfort with this comfortable, sturdy little chair. Get the CLIQ Portable Camping Chair on sale for $89.99.

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