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This Discounted App Can Clean Your Mac Fast

Macs last a long time, but that doesn’t mean you need that grocery list you wrote five years ago or the remains of a half-installed app. If you’re finding that your Mac’s SSD is always full or the performance is often flat, there’s a good chance your computer is just bloated with unnecessary files, apps, and artifacts of lost programs. MacCleanse Lifetime License can clean all that for you, giving your Mac a chance to run like new again. For a limited time, MacCleanse is on sale for $39.99 (Reg. $99). 

MacCleanse lets you clear your Mac of useless files, unused apps, and more. Do a quick scan, and you can find all the space-wasting files you might want to delete. This doesn’t mean getting rid of family photos or games you like to keep on hand in case the obsession returns. You’ll be able to discard residual logs, caches, and plug-ins, among other things. This is the only time you’ll be glad something came along and cleared out your cookies. These take up space without contributing any function to your machine, so having a comprehensive way of wiping them is a great find. Then you’ll have room for some genuinely useful apps, or one of those cool animated wallpapers. 

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MacCleanse has a few ways to work. You can perform scans on your own, or you can schedule them in advance. Set up daily, weekly, or monthly scans and keep your computer working smoothly. MacCleanse will also send you prompts to fully uninstall an app if the process isn’t finished, and it can disable login items that are slowing down your system. MacCleanse is easy to use and gives you invaluable control over your Mac’s storage. BizTech reviews called it “one of the best for beginners who are not too familiar with cleaner tools. Thanks to its customization and in-depth scanning, you can easily delete useless language packs that are installed on your Mac.”

Clean your Mac of useless files. Get a  MacCleanse Lifetime License on sale for a limited time at $39.99 (Reg. $99).  

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MacCleanse Lifetime License – $39.99

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