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This Artist Paints on Pokémon TCG Cards And Turns Them Into Art

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Many a commercial artist has surely felt at least a tinge of frustration, seeing a lavishly-illustrated painting he or she worked on get mercilessly cropped to fit into some little box, and just so room can be made for a bunch of stats on a trading card. In a series of videos, “Lunumbra” does a bit of artistic remixing, and gives Pokémon card artists the most fitting tribute any illustrator could ever hope for. That, or this is merely a case where an especially crafty fan has stared at some Pokémon cards and wondered a little too long.

Or it could be both. It’s hard to put this transformation exactly into words. After you review the expansion of Jigglypuff’s idyllic nature scene above, go on and watch this first “monster makeover” with Mew below. See if you can find a way to describe this particular Poké-process yourself.

Through the magic of paints and sparkles, it’s as if the scenes literal explode out of their frames! And it’s extra sweet that Lunumbra takes care to specifically credit all the original artists in these videos. Next up is Nidoking, seeming to tear holes into its own trading card, and through the very fabric of the universe itself!

There are several more clips on Lunumbra’s channel, but this one with Ninetails lounging by the water is surely the best to round out of this selection. It might be the most technically challenging, and impressive, out of the lot. The painting doesn’t simply extend–it’s effectively duplicated, with the lupine Pocket Monster needing to be entirely re-created in the rippling surface below. Watch on, and be amazed.

Which ‘monster makeover’ is the most impressive here? Any other Pokémon fan tributes we ought to check out on YouTube? Drop your thoughts in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Lunumbra’s Awesome Painted Cards

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