Ryan Coogler Will Make a New THE X-FILES Series

The X-Files is perhaps one of the most influential sci-fi shows of all-time. Scully and Mulder’s investigations of the strange and unexplained still resonate with viewers and inspired future shows like Lost, Fringe, and Supernatural. Of course, we got a short-lived The X-Files revival with original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson a few years ago. But that too is now a part of television history. And now, it seems we are once again exploring to see if the truth is still out there with a reboot of The X-Files led by none other than director Ryan Coogler. (Thank you SlashFilm for bringing this to our attention.) 

BAFTA/YouTube/20 Century Fox

The X-Files original series creator Chris Carter appeared on CBC’s On the Coast radio show to talk about the show. During that interview, Carter revealed that he’d spoken with Ryan Coogler, who plans to reboot (or, as Carter says, “remount”) The X-Files with a diverse cast. He didn’t get into any more specifics, but he doesn’t have to. The thought of a supernatural investigative series led by a diverse cast is all we need to hear. Personally, my vote is for Mamoudou Athie and Nicole Beharie to be Mulder and Scully, respectively. And, Ryan Coogler is already a modern legend with the Black Panther and Creed franchises under his belt, so he can surely bring something incredible to The X-Files. We want to believe that this series is coming soon.

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